31 May, 2012

2 things have done

I've done with website making and taking photographs on my course this semester.
The rest of task is the dissertation which is the biggest one.
It is a bit ironic that the fact the largest thing is not picture making but writing in spite of my subject is Photography.

In any case, 2 of 3 have been finished. I was slightly assured. And then what I need to do is just keep patient and concentrate on what I should do.
By the way, I've been away from talking about my spotty face. In fact, it ameliorated temporally. Presumably, the cause was lack of eating meat. After starting cooking, I was eating carbohydrate (breads and rice) and vegetables centred. In addition, sometime pastas which are oily.

Having thought the spots are because of cheapest category food, in particular its additives, I quit eating them and changed to proper ones. I believe that it worked to some extent. But, it wasn't obvious. One day, I found 50% off offered bacon and bought it. Once I ate it, my facial skin got better gradually. Then I recognised and stopped avoiding meat for money matters.

But, there are a lot of scars on my face. Although Adele sings "scars are your love", it's not for me absolutely. Further, my face tends to be spotty again, perhaps because of fatigue or distress from the 3 tasks. What I really hate is that it takes for ages scars to be disappears, and they remain a little bit eventually.

25 May, 2012

a sense of confident

 Today, I went to the university to my photos be printed.
And a staff who always prints digital based student's bodies of work off saw my photos and said that "Gymnastics!" And subsequently "Only you are doing sports photography. Interesting." I asked him "so nobody does sports photos?" He "That's what I'm saying!"

At the beginning of the course, I was said by my tutor that "if you want do commercial photo, then take your money back and do BA course." So I was imagining that some BA students are doing photograph from commercial aspect however it was not true eventually.

A few days ago, I asked a BA student what kind of photography BA cause does. And then her answer was simply "it's similar to MA", which means contemporary photography. And also the staff told me that most of the BA student taking fine art photographs. Therefore, my case is quite rare.

To me, regardless of its reputation, being rare or minor makes me motivated. Of course, it must not be literal conventional sports photography. It should have a story behind it and has to be artistic.

excessive wrapping

A book I had ordered amazon has arrived today.
I might write about the book, which is a photo book later on, but now I would like to another topic.

As the two photographs indicate above, when I opened the box, there was a lot of shock absorber was in it. I did not measure how long it was, seemingly more than 5m. And there were tearing lines on the paper, I detached every single piece of paper from the lengthy body so that I can reuse it someday in some way.

Anyway amazon, you've wrapped too much obviously.

24 May, 2012


Recent couple of days, it is incredibly hot outside. Sunshine strongly glares.
The decisive difference between Britain and Japan in terms of climate is I guess humidity so far. Britain is drier than Japan. Despite this, I felt slightly but certainly humid at the moment in Brighton. As a result, even at a underground kitchen, where I always study it is much warmer than usual.

So, I wanted wear a pair of flip flops which I brought with me from Japan but they were missing somehow. I assume that I lost at the previous hall of residence when I moved out. They are quite shabby and damaged partly but still available. More than that, very comfortable ones.

I need it but it costs at least around £15. And sizing is a problem because you can't try them on online shopping.

21 May, 2012

Officially came out

My website!!
This is one of my course work. It took for a while.
Hope you can enjoy it.

20 May, 2012

I'm losing my way

No, not losing, trying to find out but time is seemingly inadequate.
I've never ever tackled writing about human's body. I've never ever talked about photography. Even in Japanese, but what I'm doing is in English obviously.

This is not very stressful but just unclear. Can't figure out proper direction I should go. And also it's difficult to pick up suitable references. But I have to go anyway.

Today, torch relay has started. Finally Olympics mood appeared.
And BBC news was saying that Emperor of Japan came to the UK to attend her Majesty's event. They and royal families from many countries had a lunch together. And then I watched the Emperor had a chat with a King from somewhere other countries. Surprisingly he was doing it standing and without any interpreters. Despite he had two big surgical operations, seemed to be fine. I should follow his toughness.

17 May, 2012


It was one of pre-sales days of London 2012. Tickets for rhythmic gymnastics competition has been sold. I was keen to get at least one seat.
Its website was smooth and quick, therefore seemingly didn't seem to be crowded. But, it was not in reality.

I was believing that I could buy it easily. According to procedures, I tried to select the ticket and go check out however, the ticket I chose doesn't go to shopping cart. Eventually, the website was amazingly crowded. It was as same as ticketing on the phone. And then I repeated hundred and thousand times for approximately 2hours.  Unfortunately and gradually tickets of rhythmic gymnastics have been sold out. I was not reach to shopping cart at all.

Although the chance to purchase the tickets should happen again, it's not clear whether or not I successfully can get the tickets.

The ticketing website is saying that
"Applicants who were not allocated any tickets in the initial application phase (March - April 2011) and did not apply or were not allocated tickets in the second round of sales (June - July 2011). All eligible account holders will receive an email informing them of the next steps."

I did NOT apply any tickets at the particular phases. So, I am do qualify the criteria. BUT, I haven't got the email. In other word, am I not eligible?

14 May, 2012

A dirty word

When I was on the way jogging, some teenage boys were on the street.  Some of them have skate board, in other word they are typical style local boys. And I was passing through them.

Suddenly, I was able to hear a boy was clearly saying that "Fuc*er!". And another boy spoke to me "Hey man!"Of course I ignored. But, obviously rude. This was the second time here in fact. Last time was not very clear but I heard a similar word.

Asian people tend to be looked down, in general abroad. I don't know why. The shape of eyes? Height? The colour of skin? I don't care which it is. But, I would like to know the ways in which parents educate the boy. And I want the boy to get to know feelings when a person discriminated. I wonder if it is comfortable to say that kind of word to people who they don't know.

11 May, 2012

Sort of talk show

As collateral practice, I and my course mates have joined in a kind of talk show. It might be right to say it speech. This is nothing to do with our marks therefore it was completely for our experiences.
Honestly, we participants thought that this was subtle burden because, currently we are very busy for dissertation, photographic project, making own website. However, almost we had no choice.

The talk's style is called "Pecha-Kucha", which means talkative in Japanese therefore speakers can talk casually, without any manuscripts ideally. Its contents are about our photography this time. In fact, most of course mates had own manuscripts and read them when they speech. Of course I was one of them. I really can't imagine without mine. But this is not proper "Pecha-Kucha" already.

My course mates were basically serious. They've introduced their bodies of work quite solemnly. Under massive nervousness, showing 20 slides 20 seconds each, that was what we had to do. So, the core was obvious.

But, I like to break a mould. I prepared my manuscript but I didn't practice reading it as I had no time to do this and also I knew it is just 6m40s, time terminates it automatically. Moreover, humor is one of essential elements to me. Too much seriousness makes audiences bored. Honestly, in my case I haven't got adequate bodies of work to show. Then I just introduced my images chronologically with some humor.

I have not imagined that my talk makes people laugh. But their reactions were truth.
20 seconds were very sort for me. In a sense, my manuscript was rubbish. I could have read more information.

Anyway, it's good experience and over!

09 May, 2012

One of tasks

Today, my compulsory presentation has finished. I had to show my idea of dissertation. My topic is "Olympics". I am a big fan of the Olympic Games therefore it is fun to research. But, in terms of photography, it is a bit different to just a historical study. Still haven't got specific conclusion yet. 
Tomorrow, I had another presentation at a public event. 20slise 20seconds each, 6min 40seconds. This style is called "Pecha-Kucha". Probably, after finishing this, I can concentrate on my rest of tasks.

07 May, 2012

Easy cook rice

I changed the type of rice from 40p super cheap long grain rice to 99p(still cheap though) "easy cook" long grain rice. BUT, it tastes really bad.

As usual, I boil it and steam for a while. However, its texture is absolutely powdery therefore makes me thirsty in a way. No stickiness, no sweetness, and not easy to catch it by chopsticks. 

Then, I did not know what "easy cook" means. This is in other word, semi-boiled. As a result, we can cook it quicker than normal rice.

If it tastes better than I did by cooking the way in which easy cook should be processed, I have to try it once. If it doesn't work, I would change the type again to non-easy cook one.

06 May, 2012


It has been apt to rain since last April. I go jogging if it is not raining.
Even around 8PM, it is still bright. This is a big difference between here and Japan. It is still May therefore, hours of sunlight and dusk will be much longer and later than now perhaps until June.

03 May, 2012

My body of work is out of her deja vu

According to my tutor, collective concept of our course catalogue is "deja vu". Although our bodies of work are very diverse, the idea of deja vu is applicable to each of them, she explained. Obviously, it is forcible to a greater or lesser extent however, she articulated her feasibility with examples from my course mate's bodies of work.

Mostly, they were commented by her. Yet, mine was not. I don't know the reason. I assume that she is basically not interested in my photographs.