14 May, 2012

A dirty word

When I was on the way jogging, some teenage boys were on the street.  Some of them have skate board, in other word they are typical style local boys. And I was passing through them.

Suddenly, I was able to hear a boy was clearly saying that "Fuc*er!". And another boy spoke to me "Hey man!"Of course I ignored. But, obviously rude. This was the second time here in fact. Last time was not very clear but I heard a similar word.

Asian people tend to be looked down, in general abroad. I don't know why. The shape of eyes? Height? The colour of skin? I don't care which it is. But, I would like to know the ways in which parents educate the boy. And I want the boy to get to know feelings when a person discriminated. I wonder if it is comfortable to say that kind of word to people who they don't know.

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