30 March, 2012

Part of my practice

Since I haven't heard form a team which I am supposed to photograph, I went to a local gymnastics club and took loads of pictures.

Their venue is not huge rather, small. In particular its ceiling was quite low. I was not able to imagine they managed to perform in this. But they can perform in fact. Some gymnasts were likely to touch the ceiling on the other hand, they seemed to be accustomed.

Their performance was amazing. Literally spectacular. Jumping high, twists, turns, everything. The most surprising thing to me was that they looked very relaxed. Their character was generous to me. Therefore, I was able to shoot with a lot of fun.

My objective for this photo shooting is to get to know the conditions of taking images of indoor sports. Lighting, shutter speed, brightness, camera settings, etc. In respect to the conditions, auto focus mode and photometry. The gymnast's move is so quick. Then focus have to follow them and keep on focusing. It hugely depends on focus mode. Intelligent and persistent, accurate mode should be used. I took many out of focused images. In addition, photometry area is significant as well. The ceiling very low as a result, lights on it were close. In that case, camera understands here is quite bright however, it's completely opposite actually. I made a lot of exposure mistakes. I should have chosen central or spot.

In any case, shooting is essential to me.

29 March, 2012


I am likely to find the way to write my dissertation.
Structure is quite important. Otherwise, it's going to be waste your time. Now I need to concentrate on a lot of research that based on my structure.

This is thanks to my course mates. They are quite thoughtful and generous. Lovely people.

25 March, 2012

Super healthy?

Today, I tried to have healthy stuff as much as I can.

Break fast : Toasts, scrambled egg with tomatoes.
Lunch : Green peas rice(which was too salty), boiled bean sprouts and spinach in chicken flavored soup(which was successfully divine)
Dinner : Okura with wasabi and soy sauce, Green peas rice(for retry), Salad, chicken nuggets, and chips

Never oily.

24 March, 2012

My face tends to be spotty

I cook and eat pastas almost everyday. Tomato sauce (AKA arrabiata), Aglio e Olio with spinach, and pesto with tomato. Three of basics. I can cook them quite successfully so I'm satisfied with them.  However, they contain a lot of olive oil. Olive oil is not too bad for our health but when it comes to everyday usage, it doesn't work well.
The reason why my face is still spotty is this olive oil despite I have enough vegetables. I think I have it too much.

To avoid eating oily stuff, I cooked curry tonight but it was disgusting to be honest. Therefore I would like seek another cuisine which made from rice.

21 March, 2012

Video chat

Thanks to technology of skype, I had video chat with my family for the fist time.
It was fun. I want do that again when I am stressed. Time difference is a bit problematic though.

20 March, 2012

What have I been doing for a month?

Everything is not beautiful.

Haven't started second photographic project.
Still unclear how to write my dissertation.
Mostly, I neglect praying for the God in this case.

I have moved out from awful place.
Cooking is fun.
Very near to the campus.
But, rhythm is bad. Tend to stay up late, being lazy during a day. Can't concentrate on my work (Just like a judge image above).
I don't have any visible results in the last one month.

Eventually, a switch in my mind will not be turned on unless I get be impending.
But, this is the worst. Must change myself by all means to obtain a moment that I can reassure myself (just like gymnasts image above).

19 March, 2012

It's hard to adjust my body temperature because of the change of temperature outside. As a picture above indicates, a cat is sitting next to a heater at night.

18 March, 2012

St Patrick's day

It was the day for this. If I missed today, I could not have opportunity abroad. But I drunk it on my own. Needless to say, its taste was terrific.

16 March, 2012

a story that should have been narrated last year

It was tremendously memorable when I went to Montpelier to watch rhythmic gymnastics world championships because, I missed chance to see and talk Liubov directly.

Soon after I arrived at the venue, I sat on a seat and stared watching. A few minutes later, I was able to see Belarusian gymnasts coming and sitting seats near to me. I tried to talk to them however, competition had happened already then I refrained.

Eventually, this opportunity was the best. I should have spoken to them at that time! As usual, I awaited at the back door after the competition but, the members of team never appeared. Or I just couldn't meet them.

Fortunately, I came across a head coach of the team Belarus on a road at the day I have to leave Montpelier. Then I committed my souvenir to her.

A few months later, I heard from my family saying we got a post to you from a person whose name is obviously not a Japanese. Then I easily noticed the post is from Liubov. Since I presented my souvenir and some illustrations with my name card which includes my name, address, email, and phone number. And also a international competition was mean to take place in Tokyo after Montpelier. She sent the illustrations with her signature to my home in Japan. My family transferred them to me. One of the illustration is the image above. Actually, I gave the illustrations to her. But she probably recognised that I require her signature on them. So I was disappointed a bit. I really appreciated her generosity and her cherishing mind towards fans.

14 March, 2012

A gymnast

Liubov Charkashyna, who is a Belarusian top rhythmic gymnast. She is going to be on the next Olympic games in London 2012 this summer.I have been a big fun of her since 2010. And also I went to Montpelier in France to watch and cheer her last world rhythmic gymnastics world championships.

This is an interview of her translated into English. In this interview, she mentioned a bit about a Japanese fan. And the fan is me actually. I'm so pleased with her. Fantastic. Hopefully, I would like to meet up her during my study abroad or at the Olympics.

12 March, 2012

be proud JAPAN

I remember what happened 11th of March 2011. That was as if a film. TSUNAMI attacked a coastal city overwhelmingly. It was 1st anniversary day today. I have got to think about Japan many times miscellaneously since I came here in Britain. Consequently, I'm recognising Japan positively compare to before. Then I decided to make this picture. It looks a bit awkward but people in Japan should be proud of themselves.

11 March, 2012


Recommended by my flatmate, I went to the coast. As it was sunny, a lot of people were there.
Drinking people, walking people, sitting people on the beach, quite various.

In particular, sporting people were notable for me. Such as beach volleyball, basketball, cycling, jogging, roller blades and more.

Watching beach volleyball was fun. I have already knew it's really hard to chase a ball by only two players so, it became double check for me.
As to basketball, not really. Because, the player's level was low. I was able to see many violations, for instance travelling, charging. Transition of every game was very quick and that was not shooting but throwing as a whole. One particular player usually showed tricky moves however, he often made turnovers, and his stamina is completely lacking. Even he boast his skills, they are basically futile since they not always bring points. In addition, his shooting skill was poor.  First of all, the basket coat was too small. Therefore people having matches tend to occupy all the coat, rest of players cannot play it enough, which is problematic. There were a lot of Chinese people. Presumably, influence by Yao Ming is huge.
What fascinating to me was roller blades because, I honestly wanted to try for a long time. The roller blades people were skating absolutely trickily. Amazing. But what I'd like to do is just skate long distance.

Anyway, there were so many communities at the coast, which are interesting. I've never imagined before as I was living far from here. It is clear that this was thanks to my flatmate's advice.

10 March, 2012


My hair grows very fast. I have to go haircut every 45 days or so. I had 4times already in Britain.
However after haircut, my hair style is not always stable. In particular sideboards. Results depend on hairdressers without doubt.

I prefer to be shaved naturally rather than spiky or cut horizontally. But today, my sideboards were cut horizontally. Then I modified by myself afterwards, but in this case the sideboards cannot avoid to be shortened. So for 5days or a week, I really don't want people to look at me from side angles.

06 March, 2012


I'm bothered with thinking about a subject of my dissertation. Good ideas don't come up to me.
Even I suspect myself whether I like photography. Photography is for things that subtle to explain in words. In the dissertation, we have to tackle exactly the opposite.

05 March, 2012

Moving out

This is the second time remove for me. But this time, I get out from hall of residence of university.
Two disappointing things.

a. Separation of team canteen
I was catered. So I was able to have breakfast and tea everyday on weekdays. The staffs of the canteen are so friendly and always smiley (basically). And their team leader is trusted by the other members although the leader is not from the UK.

b. Losing opportunities to watch Segulls training every week
Brighton and Hove albion women & girls have practice every Thursdays next to the hall of residence. Because of this my first photographic project became shooting them. Now that I am a big fun of them. Even after the project, I kept watching training and matches cheering them. From now on, I think would watch their matches only.

Anyway, I removed from ridiculous place to peaceful one. Then, what I have to do is concentrate my will on my course work.

03 March, 2012

Feburary has gone

Gone too soon.
At the biginning of last month second semester started however, my new photographic project has not started yet.
My photographic object was decided and I am redy to shoot but, progress of negotiation  is quite slow. A month has past without any result, which is absolutely bad tendency and at the same time I am desperate for shooting. My coursemate said to me about her last photographic project that she had to negotiate and await for 2month to start shooting. I hope this doesn't happen to me.

A few days ago, I had on-line chat with my Japanese study aboad friend who is studying textile design in Glasgow. It has been a long time since last time therefore, we had chat about more than 5hours, which was unpredicatable for me. "Free of charge" excuses us for being lazy. But one important thing was more than 95% of chatting was in English. We tend to be grouped and talk in native language. In terms of study abroad, this is pointless. It would take longer than speaking primary language, but it was for free, no problem.