28 April, 2016


I have joined in another wedding party of my other study mate Chizuru.

We have got to know each other at British Councila as well as Yohei. As far as I concerned, she joined in the course in order to realise her short term study abroad in the UK and for this reason, she had to have the IELTS exam.

She was also a smart student (unlike me) and she got an enough overall score for her study.  I had more opportunities to see her in Japan after my study in the UK if anything. She is quite kind to everyone and these photos represent her personality nicely.

23 April, 2016


Yohei Kubo was one of my study mates when I was studying at British Council at Iidabashi before my study abroad in the UK. And he married her girlfriend. And I was invited his after party.

It was a quite large scale party, maybe the biggest one I have ever joined in. Perhaps even it was a sort of business for them...
Yohei is originally a really exellent man. When I was studying with him, he was not struggling from getting a good mark of IELTS exams unlike me. I am not sure exactly however, he went to LSE or somewhere in London and also another university in Paris to have his MBA degree after passing a criteria not only that of the IELTS but also GMAT while he was working.
It was actually unexpected that he invited me. But I simply couldn't stop photographing them corresponding to my passion. And of course his personality made me go.

02 April, 2016