30 December, 2011

Essay, essay

Just I need concentration. The structure has been fixed almost.
By the way, in terms of exercise, I have been lazy in this break. Although it is basically unlucky weather, I neglected opportunities a lot.

And also, my weight has been reduced compare to 3 month ago.

28 December, 2011

Grocery store is fun

Thinking about saving money and big amount of food. That's also fun.
There are variety of food. Breads, meats, curry, pastas, vegetables, fruit, frozen food, whatever.

Anyway, it costs a lot in December. On the other hand, after the Christmas I was able to buy 500GB HDD drive with half price. Lucky.

25 December, 2011

Merry Christmas

I've still got my stomach ache so, I went out to buy some medicine. On the way back home, I found a Christmas event is happening at a church. Then, I jumped in.

In there, a ceremony taking place. Catholic Mass. It was very rigorous and sacred time. Accidental but special experience for me on the Christmas eve.

Thanks God.

22 December, 2011


Today, I have a headache. Stomach ache has been removed unless it recurs.
Physical disorder. I don't know the reason anyway, let's go out and inhale the air outside.

No,  actually I'm not recovered from stomach ache. Oh, God.

stomach aches

The cause is either stress or too lazy lifestyle, I guess. The worstday still affects in me.
Presumably, due to aftermath, I was hated by all my flatmates.

In any case, I have to concentrate on my task and reconstruct my lifestyle.

20 December, 2011

D700 and D70s

I left D70s at home due to the weight regulation for flights, therefore I'm with D700 since I came here. It was relinquishment.

Recently, I'm looking at past images. Perhaps, since lacking concentration. And also there are no people, no talking.

From my archive, I can see a lot of pictures taken with D70s. Compare to D700, its quality is so nice for the price. Resolution is only 6M pixels but, transparency is decent indeed. It's up to objects and lighting however, very different to D700. Images from D700 are quite hard and form D70s are soft.

I have argued this extent in this article, the cause is provably lens. When I was using D70s, the lens was 18-200mm for DX format. On the other hand now, 28-300mm is on D700. Both are so convenient super zoom lens, and nearly equal angle of view.

Presumably, 18-200mm lens has much better quality than 28-300mm. Eventually, image quality depends on lens.

19 December, 2011

17 December, 2011

Rainy, constantly

Recently, whenever I go out it rains. The hour of sunlight is also short, I scarcely remember walking under the blue sky.

Christmas break has begun. Here is the starting point for living by myself.

13 December, 2011

Isolate myself

I don't want to talk with flat mates, meet them as well, due to the contingency yesterday.
Time will not resolve this case. The issue is neither linguistic nor cultural. Humanity.

I wrote in this blog they are quite generous. But not everybody in fact.

12 December, 2011

The worst day

 It was the worst day since I've been here in the UK.

Firstly, I missed trains twice in a day even though I have to go to a stadium to watch football match.
I was not able to watch almost 2 of 3 whole the game.

Secondly, after the match I was mean to go to another station which is not as same as departure station to attend a Christmas dinner with my flat mates. Therefore I bought two return tickets beforehand. However, the schedule has been canceled and the dinner took place another place. The ticket I purchased was completely waste. £3.2, we can buy a comic book in Japan.
What's more, despite I asked twice before I bought the ticket, the orginiser bluffed it out without any apologies again. What a reckless!! I have incurred this feeling a fortnight ago too by exactly the same person.

Finally, even though under these circumstances, I went to dinner with mates. Consequently, this was definitely my mistake. The meal was awful and services are really late. In addition, expensive, £16.95. Never worthy.

The only happy thing was Seagull's win today.

11 December, 2011

Momentary in London 4

I went to London again, to avenge misfortune lost on Tuesday. And exchange Uniqlo jumpers I bought.
That was walking sightseeing. From London Victoria, I walked around central London whole day.
So tired but, quite fruitful.

Some other day, I will do it again.

09 December, 2011

Oh my laptop

My current laptop is quite tiny, 11.6inch. Consequently, its ability is poor. In particular, CPU.
As picture editing software, I'm using Photoshop Lightroom. The display is too small for this use though. Yesterday, while I operate this, my laptop shut-downed automatically, twice.

Perhaps, the cause was temperature of the CPU. In any case, I have to be careful. If possible, I want to buy good one which has Intel CPU.

07 December, 2011

Momentary in London 3

London Victoria at 11AM. That's meeting time. I got a train for there in time. When I arrived at the London Victoria, nobody was there. Yes, I got lost.

I made a ring a lot for my tutor however, his phone is almost answer phone. Therefore wasting time and charge. About 30min ago, I got a ring from my tutor. He designated where I should go. In fact, communication on the phone is very difficult. I misunderstood I should go there at once.

After all, half passed 1PM we got together. There were 3people got lost also, not only me.

All the way I visited London, I did not take pictures at all. Rather, I was reluctant to do so.
Royal flag was waving at the top of the Buckingham Palace. Many people at the Trafalgar square.
The town around Victoria station is not too big.

05 December, 2011

music download from youtube

I knew how to download only music from youtube. I guess this method is definitely illegal. But we can do it in fact.
It's clear that every musician is not lucrative. The more upload to the website, the more losses.

Just a defect. The sound levels are not equal. Therefore if we listen to them, we have not choice but to adjust volume.

04 December, 2011

fu*k'n trouble again

I understand that was a piece of mischief however, was sore for mischief.
Were there any reasons to do that? Can not be. To communicate with drunk people does not always bring up good result.

Feeling bad and having friction by such behavior are obviously ridiculous. Futile.
No apologies, that's impolite for a Japanese international student like me.

02 December, 2011

Involved in a fu*k'n trouble

I went a bar with my mates and came across a man who is a university student located in next to the area I'm living.

We were playing pool in 4 people. Meanwhile, a macho man was watching our play.
Then, a few minutes later, he joined in. And after the games, he brought a problem about his car. According to his explanation, his car is captured by a mad and can't get out from it. Namely, he asked us to help with.

We walked more than 5 minutes in the dark and super muddy windy way. My new trainers completely got dirty.
His BMW 3series was completely slippy in the mad. We pushed the car but, ineffective. However, the man promised to treat us drinks in return. So, we get back to the bar however, the man run away somewhere. After that, we waited couple of minutes for him but eventually, he did not appeared.

We were clearly deceived. Fu*k'n hell!!!!!!