12 December, 2011

The worst day

 It was the worst day since I've been here in the UK.

Firstly, I missed trains twice in a day even though I have to go to a stadium to watch football match.
I was not able to watch almost 2 of 3 whole the game.

Secondly, after the match I was mean to go to another station which is not as same as departure station to attend a Christmas dinner with my flat mates. Therefore I bought two return tickets beforehand. However, the schedule has been canceled and the dinner took place another place. The ticket I purchased was completely waste. £3.2, we can buy a comic book in Japan.
What's more, despite I asked twice before I bought the ticket, the orginiser bluffed it out without any apologies again. What a reckless!! I have incurred this feeling a fortnight ago too by exactly the same person.

Finally, even though under these circumstances, I went to dinner with mates. Consequently, this was definitely my mistake. The meal was awful and services are really late. In addition, expensive, £16.95. Never worthy.

The only happy thing was Seagull's win today.

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