26 September, 2011

2011 Montpellier Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championships

I came here to watch this. It has been almost a year since I watched RG competition last time in Tokyo. I was able to watch only 1st day and half of the 2nd day because of my schedule but, I had been looking forward to watching.

I have been studying English on the other hand, never learned French at all. But there was no problem. Staffs at the hotel I stayed are very kind to me and can understand English. Their breakfast is expensive for the contents but, that's because there are few shops to eat I suppose.

Shooting was banned actually though, spectators at the arena were taking photos and shooting videos as they like so, I also broke the rules.

Rhythmic Gymnastics is brilliant.

25 September, 2011

a short walk in Perlos(nearby Montpellier)

The arena is located at outside of Montpellier. Therefore, there are lots of broad roads, seems to be quite americanised. On the other hand, a old townd was there, I walked around.
It was on Sunday so, even supermarket was closed. And also, people are sparse, the town was quit quiet.

However, here is in France. Croissants are delicious. Too much eating them made me thirsty.

17 September, 2011

Momentary in London

That was my excursion in London. The winds are quite strong, and there are lots of people to travel. And also, there were so many races, and a lot of language. Really confusing.

16 September, 2011

An hour in Amsterdam

I got good impression to people in Nederland again. However, why sunflowers? Not tulips?