30 April, 2012

A big surprisng present

About a week ago, I got a parcel from a friend who is studying textile design in Glasgow. We knew at British Council, which is a the UK's non-profitable organisation (in fact, despite they are public organisation, they charge a lot of money us) to teach English and British culture all over the world and we used to learn English together to qualify university's linguistic standards in an examination called IELTS (which is a ridiculous and super expensive test). Successfully we started studying in the UK since last end of September and have been keeping in touch each other.

On the last Easter vacation, she went back to Japan and I was in the UK and Italia. One day, she sent an email to me and saying "I've got a souvenir to you so let me know your address." I was astonished. And then, I answered my address and awaited for a while.

Finally, a parcel arrived at my home, and I opened. Its contents are images above. Many Japanese food and  confectioneries as well. And a letter with them. It was an impressive and moving gift since I've never imagined that many. I really appreciate friendship between her and me. Hopefully, I give her something in return.

Anti-spots renovation

As I wrote about spots on my face several times this blog, my face has been spotty for approximately more than 2 month.

I have been suspecting and seeking its cause but it's still not clear.
Converted using margarine into batter on toasts, and reduced opportunities to eat pastas in order to have less fats. Yet, nothing obvious changes appear.
Again, tried to keep away from dried face with cream for skins but, spots appear repeatedly.

Now, finally I am dubious about my main diets i.e. breads and rice. I normally buy cheapest category white bread and long grain rice since they are much cheaper than Japanese ones. However, presumably there are some hidden reasons of the prices behind them such as additives or preservatives. And I assume this affects me.
As a first step, I bought proper brand breads which are wheatgerm included and brown rice.
Results might not turn over very quickly, so I have to explore for while with some expectations.

29 April, 2012

Rythmic Gymnastics World Cup Pesaro 2012

Whenever I go to watch rhythmic gymnastics, it's a sort of wonderland for me. In Pesaro, of course it was not an exception.

First of all, unfortunately 3 of 4 days were raining. And as I written previously it was so inaccessible from the hotel to the venue for travellers.
At this time, main competitions started always from the afternoon. For gymnasts and fans the schedule is grateful. Because it brings us easy schedules.

Day1, the day I arrived at Pesaro. My flight was delayed and I missed a train therefore I was late for arriving at the venue. And I missed all the performances of Liubov Charkashyna, who is my favorite gymnast at the day. I was slightly disappointed but, there were sparse people at the spectator's seats and comfortable to watch the competitions.

However, when we finished watching all the competitions, buses had already finished. The spectator can not get home by buses. What a inconvenience! I was thinking going back to my hotel by taxi and then got to taxi queue. There were some people waiting taxis. I spoke to two French girls to negotiate with them so that I could get on a taxi together. Their answer was OK and I was relieved. It was yes, raining.

Day2, I was in time so was able to watch all the programme. But, I dropped off my camera from a spectator's seat about 40cm high. Apparently, it still works and can take images but zoom ring got sticky, which means perhaps it damaged optically as well. And one strange thing to me was the order of programme for the day. It was

a. Individuals competition part one
b. Groups competition
c. Individuals competition part two

Why Individuals are divided into two pats?

Anyway, it was Saturday but not very crowded. I'm not sure because of this, after the competition there were not many people around gymnast's seats. And I got close to there to find a group chatting with a gymnast. Soon after I noticed that the gymnast was Liubov Charkashyna!! I missed her last time at Montpellier and wanted to talk with her.

She and the delegation  of the group were talking in English not Italy and seemingly their communication were going well. I admired her. Since not only her speciality she can speak English, amazing. I was listening to the discourse and some time nodded and laughed away together. Meanwhile, I met a girl who I came across at Montpellier! That was a kind of miracle. We were surprised at each other.

And finally I talked with her. Liubov completely remembers me. I explained the reason I was in Montpellier and not in Tokyo on last September and October. I asked some questions her but I can't remember what we talked about in detail. She tried to say something but she was struggling to say in English and looked regrettable. It was quite short time and she might have been tired after her performance, therefore our chat was obviously inadequate. Whereas, I got her autograph on my Belarusian flag and had picture taken with her.

After that, transportation problem again. But fortunately the group talked with Liubov before me were still in the venue and they spoke to me and saying "are you alone?" In fact, they came to the venue by their own mini bus and they said to me that "OK, come on". It was bliss for me. They sent me to my hotel. I was able to experience Italian people's generosity and that's because I prefer traveling on my own to group. Peroni which I drunk at night was superb. I let them know my name and email address however, I haven't got anything so far though.

Day3, despite I looked at the schedule before going out, I was late. In fact I should have been on time but I ate lunch at a large supermarket nearby the venue. As a result, I missed a part of individuals competitions which included Liubov's performance, perhaps her ball routine. Eventually, I missed her ball and hoop routine on Day1 which were qualification, and again missed her ball (and she failed hoop routine) finals, namely I could not watch her ball and hoop routines definitely. What a shame as a fan.
On the other hand, in the group competition we watched a perfection. Team Italia got a medal of 3 hoops and 2 ribbons routine. They had no mistakes at all. It was literally brilliant. Spectators including me were incredibly excited and shouted "Italia, Italia, Italia, Italia, Italia!!!" I listened to people singing the national anthem with loud voice proudly for the first time. Incidentally, it was the only sunny day during my trip.

After the competition, I got the final bus. Having been feeling so good, I dropped by a pizzeria to have a dinner. As it was a pizzeria, I should have ordered a pizza but I chose a pasta tomato and basilico with a glass of wine. The pasta was absolutely delicious. One of bests ever. Something was different. Not easy to find out it.

The hotel staff was nice to me as well. His name is Alberto presumably 50's from Argentina. He can't speak English hardly so it was difficult to communicate with but, he seemed to be quite talkative and fun with me.

That's all about my travel in Pesaro. I'd really like to go to Italia again.

27 April, 2012


I'll write about rest of the story of visiting Pesaro later on.
This is just for my note.

19 April, 2012

City of Pesaro

Pesaro was a small city to walk around. But very organised, calm, and peaceful city.
Centrare, which means city centre in italiano was classic and traditional. In a sense, typical European style. Roads are all stone pavement. Meanwhile, at the outside of city centre, the situation is completely different. Roads are broad as cars are parked both side. Houses are varied. At the coastal area, there a lot of hotels and cars as well. Of course, it was windy.

When I got on trains and buses, I noticed that probably not all the people pay for the tickets. Some people get on them for free of charge. It might be a special rule but, I guess they don't pay at all. And also, there were some people who require a little money on the street and trains. There were some African-Italian but Asians were rare.

Girls in Italia were much sophisticated than those of in the UK. They are fashionable and seemed to be sensible.

I ate a proper pasta at a pizzeria. I should have eaten a pizza but, even though in a pizzeria, the pasta I ordered was absolutely nice. Tomatoes were so juicy and basilico was fresh. Simple and not decorative. Its rich flavour was definitely different to pastas in Britain. I was impressed.

Above all, I think I must go to Italia again. Seeing, learning, feeling Italia. Obviously, I should learn again Italian language, which I used to study when I was a university student in Japan about 10yeas ago.

18 April, 2012

I was in Italia

For my vacation. At the last semester break and Christmas break, I didn't go out anywhere. So this Easter break, I made my mind to go abroad.
Fortunately, a rhythmic gymnastics world cup took place at Pesaro in Italy. I knew this competition happens every year.

Itinerary planning was completely problematic. There are two nearest airport at Ancona and Rimini in Italy. But, flights to the two are unusual because the airports are obscure. Firstly I found flights of Ryanair but they are from London Stansted, where 2 and half hours by train from Brighton. According to railway information, it is possible to get there and come back from there in time without extra stay. But, its train fare is £70 return. This is obviously too expensive. You can stay cheep hotel for two nights.

My planning returned to staring point. I selected convenience from Gatwick airpot, where is about 30min from Brighton. And also it was literally ridiculous to pay super expensive train fare to Stansted. Eventually, I chose the way to Pesaro flight from Gatwick to Bologna and getting on a train to Pesaro. This way was not too reckless.

My travel to Pesaro was unlucky in terms of weather and transportations.
Firstly, on going journey, my flight was delayed due to bad weather about 40 or 60 min. The airplane was able to arrive at Bologna however, I could not get on a train which I booked and paid in advance. At this point, my ticket has been wasteful. In stead, I had to pay another ticket and get on local train for about 1hour and 45min.
Secondly, it had been already raining at Bologna and eventually, 3 of 4days were raining in Italy. I'm not sure if it is norm in there but perhaps unlucky.
Next, buses in Pesaro. Buses come only once every one hour. Once you miss it, you have to wait for one hour until next one comes. Therefore, it was quite inaccessible to go to venue.
Finally, on return journey, a nightmare happened. When we were arriving at Gatwick airport, announcement said that airport is closed because of weather and we are going to land at London Luton. From Luton we got coaches that the flight company prepared and it was 2hours to Gatwick. Of course, we didn't need to pay buses fare but it took twice longer than original itinerary.

10 April, 2012


The reason why my face is spotty is because, either having too much margarine or coffee. And also, basically I have too much oil.

After I woke up in the morning, my face condition is quite calm. Not rough.
However, as time goes by it changes. Especially, it tends to appear at evening.

So, I decided to keep away from margarine and converted to a little bit of butter. And trying to drink tea. Today, I bought a pack of chocolate but, doesn't taste good. I need to look for tasty and not expensive green tea.

07 April, 2012

I got bored with shooting a cat

And also communicate with her. This picture was just for my practice of AF and coulour correction.

05 April, 2012

The second time

It was the second time for practice of practice at the same local gymnastics club. On Tuesday, the members were different to on Friday. People looked older. However, what they are trying to do is identical. Doing some exercise and having fun. Working on what they can be into with their enthusiasm. I suppose, this is one of sporting delight.

Of course, people were very kind to me as well.

03 April, 2012

need to renovate

During this Easter break, I tend to be lazy as usual and more than that.
My face is still spotty, perhaps due to stress.

However, I have a lot of things to do. Massive reading for my dissertation (hopefully more structuring and a bit of writing), and photographic work as well. In addition, I'm gonna go to Pesaro ITALIA to watch rhythmic gymnastics world cup for 4days. Namely, I should be in a hurry for everything and concentrated on it.