18 April, 2012

I was in Italia

For my vacation. At the last semester break and Christmas break, I didn't go out anywhere. So this Easter break, I made my mind to go abroad.
Fortunately, a rhythmic gymnastics world cup took place at Pesaro in Italy. I knew this competition happens every year.

Itinerary planning was completely problematic. There are two nearest airport at Ancona and Rimini in Italy. But, flights to the two are unusual because the airports are obscure. Firstly I found flights of Ryanair but they are from London Stansted, where 2 and half hours by train from Brighton. According to railway information, it is possible to get there and come back from there in time without extra stay. But, its train fare is £70 return. This is obviously too expensive. You can stay cheep hotel for two nights.

My planning returned to staring point. I selected convenience from Gatwick airpot, where is about 30min from Brighton. And also it was literally ridiculous to pay super expensive train fare to Stansted. Eventually, I chose the way to Pesaro flight from Gatwick to Bologna and getting on a train to Pesaro. This way was not too reckless.

My travel to Pesaro was unlucky in terms of weather and transportations.
Firstly, on going journey, my flight was delayed due to bad weather about 40 or 60 min. The airplane was able to arrive at Bologna however, I could not get on a train which I booked and paid in advance. At this point, my ticket has been wasteful. In stead, I had to pay another ticket and get on local train for about 1hour and 45min.
Secondly, it had been already raining at Bologna and eventually, 3 of 4days were raining in Italy. I'm not sure if it is norm in there but perhaps unlucky.
Next, buses in Pesaro. Buses come only once every one hour. Once you miss it, you have to wait for one hour until next one comes. Therefore, it was quite inaccessible to go to venue.
Finally, on return journey, a nightmare happened. When we were arriving at Gatwick airport, announcement said that airport is closed because of weather and we are going to land at London Luton. From Luton we got coaches that the flight company prepared and it was 2hours to Gatwick. Of course, we didn't need to pay buses fare but it took twice longer than original itinerary.

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