12 July, 2015

Volleyball World Gandprix 2015 in Saitama!

Women's Volleyball world grandprix arrived at Saitama in summer 2015.
This event takes place every year, in many countries, and normally Japan hosts every year at some places in the nation.

4 teams were in this round. The group is composed of China, Dominican Republic, Italy and Japan. And then I watched Dominican Republic vs Italy and China vs Japan not to mention along with my camera and my passion towards the Italian team.

I did not imagine an opportunity to watch such an international sport event in my local city apart from football. However, I found a problem in the arena, which was the tempreture because it was too hot. Surely athletes playing the matches were hotter than us.

The team Italy won very smoothly and after the match I saw an intersting scene.

Lucia Bosetti and Caterina Bosetti are sisters, and both are playing in the national team. They are both wing spikers were selected as members of the team and joined in the event.
After the match, the sisters were having a chat with a fan or somebody at the entrance of the court. And the photo above shows that moment. They look quite close and happy with fans to have a picture taken. Afterwards, I knew a fact that Caterina is a friend of Cristina Chirichella who is also in the national team on Insagram and facebook. And that is why she was waiting for Caterina alongside.