31 January, 2012

And yes

I showed him my pictures, and then his comment implied his contemporary photographic sense. Namely, what makes him impressed is pictures which contain stories. This is what I have to aim for.

I'm not sure whether his sense is conscious but, it is clear that he is also an artist.

29 January, 2012

got in touch

I had chats with my friend who was in same university today.
He is living in Fukushma, where the topical nuclear plant is in. His home is about 60km from it, which is not enough far. According to him, people in Fukushima don't care about radiation any more. For instance, most people tend to avoid eating vegetables made in Fukushima but, local people buy and eat them.

And also he told me his evacuation story after 3.11 last year.
It was online chat so hard to imagine but, literally terrifying story. I'm willing to get to know about the story much deeper when I go back to Japan or meet him again.

26 January, 2012


My first photo work has been evaluated and returned.
Its mark was lower than I anticipated. But I was not failed.

This is my first experience to study photography, and also I've never studied abroad and in non-native language. Moreover, even I have no photographic background.
So, the score might be moderate.

Yet, I'm not happy at all.

By the way, I'm not in good health. Some exercise offered pretty change in my body but, my right foot sole is still sore, my face is very spotty, my body is tired as a whole, not enough to sleep, and had an unexpected tumor.

What are the causes? Stress? Pressure? Homesick?

24 January, 2012


Due to my course work and essay, I was not able to have jogging for about a month.
But finally, I run today. Even though my foot sole and my back aches which are all my right side of body.

It was, literally nice. What I needed is this. During running, my foot sole was sore but, less than I thought. Rather, the pain reduced. And also my back's ache has gone. Very effective. However, another pain has occurred on my left shoulder though.

Eventually, the essential point is circulation. My body forgot to sweat and blood lost smoothness.
So unless recover them, my body gets physical disorder.

Hopefully, I want to carry on tomorrow and the day after also so that redeem my regular health.
And my spotty face, foot sole, left shoulder will be fine.

23 January, 2012

TOO much noise reduction

Yes, photographs should be clear. Noisy or grainy images are not preferable. Because our views are not like them.

To make photos clear, I learned how to use noise reduction on Photoshop lightroom.
This function is great. Well organise. But, if we use this too much, images lose sharpness tremendously. Once lost detail, photographs seem to be slippery.

This is one of difficult points.

20 January, 2012

My essay has been submitted

I've done with time consuming essay. It was my first experience to write an essay in English and also about photography. To be honest, it was hard for me. Reasons are following.

a. difficult environment
During Christmas break, I was busy. I had to change my room and also I needed time to get along with a new flatmate. Moreover, I was apt to be lazy since I had no lectures.

b. translation
A course mate advised me that I should write whole the essay in native language first, and should translate into English afterwords. But literally, it takes twice as long as writing in English directly.

c. wording and grammar
I know my weak point is grammar. In addition, due to my literal translation, sentences became lengthy. Words requirement(4,000 words) also contributes it. Consequently, it took time to finish proof reading by another course mate.

Anyway, it's done. I hope it doesn't fail.

18 January, 2012

first photos submittion

Today, I submitted my first photographic work. In fact, I had to hand in my essay at the same day but, my extension application was accepted therefore, I've got one more week.

Anyway, the most anxious element has been finished! I need a lot of rest. This photography course whose every content is first experience for me is quite hard.

16 January, 2012

Ink and paper consuming

I cannot print off pictures as same colour as display.
Printers generally modify colours by themselves automatically. As a result, the printed images are biased. Brighter, vivider, denser, than monitor's colour.

If the printers are applicable to Adobe RGB and we took picture Adobe RGB, that's no problem.

Experimentally, I tried to output proper colour but, eventually it was wasteful.
I used large number of photo paper and a lot of ink.

After photo work submission, I need to buy another ink.

15 January, 2012

After the Friday

As you can see, there were a lot of rubbish. In particular empty cans.
These images are imitation of Richard Wentworth.

14 January, 2012

My eyes ache

I'm working too much.
It's Friday. The noisy outside has been came back.

13 January, 2012

My habit

When I write something, my description tends to be lengthy.
This has been remaining since I was a university student in Japan.
I remember I was indicated my too long wording by a professor in those days.

Almost the same thing is happening to me. My course mate indicated.
But it is not too bad to get to know my mistakes.
Anyway, grammar is difficult for me and English wording is very distinct to Japanese.

I wasn't taught the English wording at schools.

10 January, 2012


As I wrote an article before, I was dubious about the performance of D700. My answer was lens.
I again, compared images from two lenses. Eventually, 18-200 has better sharpness than 28-300.

Therefore, I need to modify sharpness of images which are taken by the latter one.

09 January, 2012

Good trend

Last Sunday, I went watching and shooting a women's football match. It was quite fun.

Firstly, I was able to watch it from the beginning unlike the last time.
Secondly, I could take pictures at the different position not as usual.
Thirdly, the weather was rarely warm and no rain from the top to the end.
Finally, Seagulls won the match 2-1.

If I go watching any matches, the home team tends to lose but, it wasn't this time.

I wish I can finish my essay and photo work smoothly.

07 January, 2012


I'm on the way to translate my essay written in Japanese into English. But this is a very time consuming task more than I thought.

Thanks to this essay, I haven't finished picking up images to submit. So hectic.

06 January, 2012

I have expected too much

To print off pictures, I bought compatible ink cartridges and some photo paper at the end of last year. But, the cartridges are not suitable for my printer, namely I purchased wrong ones.

Then, I had returned them and again bought another type. The new cartridges arrived today.
As soon as I got them, I printed off a few pieces. However, the printer is absolutely crap. The quality is very convincing for its price £25. If I output again in top quality mode, the results might be different. Even though, I can imagine the poorness.

This printer consumes ink a lot, very fast. Therefore, usage of this is going to be exclusively documents printing. It's far to saving money.

And yeah, how should I treat with the lest of photo paper?

- revision -
The print results of Top quality mode was reasonable. Yes!!
But one particular defect, when the printer load a piece of photo paper into the head, its roll do harm on the surface of the paper. Unforgivable.

03 January, 2012

the power of facebook

I was disappointed seeing a lady's surname had been changed.
No, not due to her name, but her status. She was an icon for me.
Facebook is sometimes ruthless.

Oh, God. Why does time fly so fast?

02 January, 2012

tin opener

This is Japanese style curry I cooked. Originally, some meats and onions should be in as ingredients. However, tested good. Before I made this, I had tried some Indian curries but, there were no convincing tinned sauces. Eventually, I found Japanese curry is the best choice for me.

By the way, as you can see, there are potatoes and carrots in the sauce. They are tinned vegetables in fact. So, ready to use. Tinned food is very convenient. Preservable and cheap.

But, I had to resolve a problem. The way to open the can. Of course I should use a can opener, I looked for it at the kitchen for a while. Despite, my flatmates haven't got it. Then, I bought it at a one pond shop. A few days later, I saw website of ASDA. They treat with some types of tin openers and have got 36 pence one as the cheapest.

ASDA, your price is destructive.

01 January, 2012

year of 2012 has come

"Happy new year." People say this word in advance the actual year come.

The day end of 2011, I went to the city centre. And found
・The town is as usual
・Banks are opened normally
・Shops are as well
・Buses and trains are same
・The number of people was not too many not too few

So, basically an ordinary day in Brighton.

On BBC, no special programme for 2011. Just about 30 min new year fireworks live from London. But the programme called most "annoying people 2011" before the new year was fun.

Here, Christmas is the biggest event in December, consequently the new year eve seems to be smaller than it.

What strange for me is time difference. 9 hours before it's 2012 in Japan already.