20 December, 2011

D700 and D70s

I left D70s at home due to the weight regulation for flights, therefore I'm with D700 since I came here. It was relinquishment.

Recently, I'm looking at past images. Perhaps, since lacking concentration. And also there are no people, no talking.

From my archive, I can see a lot of pictures taken with D70s. Compare to D700, its quality is so nice for the price. Resolution is only 6M pixels but, transparency is decent indeed. It's up to objects and lighting however, very different to D700. Images from D700 are quite hard and form D70s are soft.

I have argued this extent in this article, the cause is provably lens. When I was using D70s, the lens was 18-200mm for DX format. On the other hand now, 28-300mm is on D700. Both are so convenient super zoom lens, and nearly equal angle of view.

Presumably, 18-200mm lens has much better quality than 28-300mm. Eventually, image quality depends on lens.

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