15 August, 2015

Nikko is super

This might be one of the results from the global warming though, it was really hot and humid in summer 2015 season perhaps more than usual.
Meanwhile, I recieved an email from my friend inviting me to go out during the summer together with our friends in mid August because typically many of Japanese companies and its employees have a shot vacation called OBON this time of year, and we decided to the same. We discussed where to go and set our destination to Nikko. The biggest reason for this is to avoid the temperature and humidity in Saitama and Tokyo areas because Nikko is located in a mountain and that means it's much cooler (10 degrees and more) than where we live.

A massive trafic jam was expected however, it did not happen. As the picture shows, there was a car accident on the motorway but it was not that big and we managed to pass through.

On the way to Nikko, we dropped by a city called Utsunomiya, where is a capital city of Tochigi prefecture. As it was a vacation season, Gyoza (popular food in this city) restaurants were closed and one of my friend found another option. Then we went to a Yakisoba (image above) restaurant instead. Although I did know that, it was a common cuisine in the area. And it was quite nice.


We had a walk around a lake and drove around the city with windows opened.



As titled, Nikko is super. Technically Oku-Nikko is super. It was very cool as expected. And Nikko is also famous for hot springs and we enjoyed it. But one of the best highlits was walking in the forest and also driving. Despite it was in a mid summer, we spent our time quite comforably thanks to the climate. And the air at Nikko was different, it was so good. Obviously there are lots of sightseeing spots as well. If I have a chance to come back here again, I definitely would like to do so because it is not too far from even Tokyo.