28 November, 2011

It takes for ages

RAW files, the flexibility is very nice on the other hand, very troublesome.
Exhaust me.

25 November, 2011

Far East

My mates in the UK sometimes say the word "far east", which means east Asia such as Korea, Japan, Thailand. Namely, for them east Asia is completely distanced from the UK and also the Europe.

In Japanese, we scarcely use "far east" but, Japanese dictionary has this word. Contrary to this, we never say "far west" and there is no word on dictionary.

Presumably, the word "far east" was born in Europe and was translated into Japanese. It might be a biased thought, they are not interested in east Asian less than we are into the European countries.

24 November, 2011


I want a pair of trainer instead of jogging shoes currently I wear. Because, the jogging shoes are absolutely for jogging, not town walking. And also, it's too cool because of the fabric is made up of mesh.

As to jogging, I'm lazy. I tend to neglect having opportunities, to be honest can't afford to do it. I used to run 5days a week before came to the UK.

21 November, 2011

NOT over

I thought I had recovered from sore throat however, I still have a cold. Consequently, I'm reluctant to tackle my tasks to be honest. Oh, I skip optional lecture...

It's over

The sore throat yesterday has been cured. On the other hand, I'm reluctant to read my tasks.

19 November, 2011

sore throat

Oh, this is the biggest sore throat since I came here.
By the way, I payed for Flickr pro account finally. I have to upload a lot!!

17 November, 2011


Shoot in RAW. This is one of recommended solutions. Even though the size of files become much larger but, it's difficult to purchase expensive brighter lens.

RAW files are quite flexible. Exposure, white balance, noises, easy to be modified, but it take for ages to the processing images. Makes my eyes exhausted.

14 November, 2011


Ticketless is going to be main method such as flight or train/underground in Japan.
On the other hand, the absolute "Ticketless" is free of charge.

I watched and shot a women's football match. Before that, I asked about the tickets at the official team shop(basically for men's team) but, they didn't know. And then, I inquired another team staff about it, eventually the answer was "no tickets". Everybody can watch the match for free.

What a surprise. The result of match was tie.

12 November, 2011


Printed pictures were arrived finally. Too late. But the quality of prints are decent.

11 November, 2011

Printed photos don't arrive

I tried on-line photo printing service for the first time. But, the prints I ordered last week still don't come to my flat. What a ridiculous service. What's five working days?

I will not commit the service any more.

07 November, 2011

Bonefire in Lewes

I went to an event called Lewes Bonfire, which is a traditional festival to commemorate religious incident long years ago.
As pictures show, people treat with fire a lot. In addition, they always explode firecrackers all over the area. Firstly I was really astonished to hear them, but as time goes by I was accustomed.  Without firecrackers, the parade was brilliant.

Generally said that the fireworks in this event is famous and fabulous. However, for me it seemed to be cheap definitely. Because, the height of the fireworks is quite low. Some of them are below the trees. And then, they disappear soon after fired. Eventually, their characteristics are noise and quantity(but were not so many). The worst thing is the orginiser charges £5. Ridiculous!!

That was great experience for me but, too expensive for everything. If I have a occasion to watch this, it must be enough to see the parade.

01 November, 2011

a month has been passed

Did I advance?
To be honest, I don't think so myself. Conversely, my English skill seems to be deteriorated.
I still can't follow what people say, in particular, native people do. And I often tend to pretend being understanding. This tendency is never appropriate to learn.

I'm not sure but because of my lazy English, it can be seen that people around me leave me behind.
In addition, I was not able to finish reading tasks for next seminar.

Not playing to much, but my competence and concentration are insufficient completely.
I have to do something. Otherwise, I'm gonna be regrettable.