07 November, 2011

Bonefire in Lewes

I went to an event called Lewes Bonfire, which is a traditional festival to commemorate religious incident long years ago.
As pictures show, people treat with fire a lot. In addition, they always explode firecrackers all over the area. Firstly I was really astonished to hear them, but as time goes by I was accustomed.  Without firecrackers, the parade was brilliant.

Generally said that the fireworks in this event is famous and fabulous. However, for me it seemed to be cheap definitely. Because, the height of the fireworks is quite low. Some of them are below the trees. And then, they disappear soon after fired. Eventually, their characteristics are noise and quantity(but were not so many). The worst thing is the orginiser charges £5. Ridiculous!!

That was great experience for me but, too expensive for everything. If I have a occasion to watch this, it must be enough to see the parade.

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