25 February, 2012


a. Which is a harder sport tennis or badminton?
b. Which is worse illegal music download or smoking indoor.
c. Which is a more serious stress which might cause death or stress which is due to somebody's smoking.

Simply, they are incomparable. Since they have no elements to compare with.
How do you count difficulty of the two sports?
How do you decide badness of the two misconduct?
How do you recognise severeness of the two effect?

To contrast something, you need units.
One mile is longer than one km clearly.
One kg is heavier than one pound needless to say.
One inch is longer than one cm of course.

Incomparable things are unique and that's why they are independent. Comparing itself is meaningless in this case. However, foolishes always do this.

Is it time?

An idiot will not be cured even if s/he die.

Justifying misconduct with incoherent logic. Avoiding saying an answer.
Who is the childish?


24 February, 2012

instead of massive readings

At the last semester, we had to do a lot of reading tasks every week to attend seminars. They were sometimes interesting and mostly double Dutch to me.

But, in this semester we don't have it. Since we are supposed to think about our own topic for dissertation individually. Therefore, I started to read some readings but, I can't concentrate enough. Even though it is necessary to decide the topic within a fortnight. My tutor advised me to ponder the relationship between sports and society photographically. For me it is a good idea rather than considering intricate things or uninteresting ones and also forced ones. The point is how I can associate my interest with photography. Because it should be easier than another way to talk about the theme.

By the way, haven't taken pictures for while I really would like to do it.

20 February, 2012

distinct views

I went to watch a women's football mach not for my shooting but for my pastime.
Just in case I brought my camera but CF card was missing, which means quite pointless.

However, girls made it. They won 4-2. Soon after kickoff, the opponent got goal so I was not able to imagine how the match would unfold. After a few minutes later, the girls avenged. The game became competitive since each team added a goal again.

At second half, it was almost one-side match. Girls attacked aggressively, the competitor seemed to be reluctant obviously.

What I recognised was the match looked quite different to when I used to see it through a view finder of my camera. In particular, colours. After shooting, whenever I develop my pictures I always mind their white balance regardless of actual colour. If I could see too much red, blue, yellow, green, I adjust in neutral colour. But actual colour was not neutral, it's up to light. Therefore, it was sometimes too much blue, occasionally too much yellow, whatever.

Anyway, it was quite enjoyable and fun. Love you, Seagulls.

19 February, 2012

Spagetthi Aglio e Olio

I was keen to eat this. Penne arrabiata and pesto are not enough for me as kinds of pastas. In a sense I bored with eating them.
However, there are no tinned Aglio e Olio at any supermarkets. So I had to cook myself all the processes.

I learned how to cook it from frequent browsing google and also watching youtube, which are absolutely helpful.

I did not know put a little bit of boiling water from pasta boiled pan into sauce that olive oil, chilies and basil are in. And then, add spaghetti to this afterwards,  and stir it. Done.

Its taste was pretty brilliant for the first time rather than packaged one that I used to eat in Japan.

16 February, 2012

Stella Artois is bad

Moreover, its price was more expensive than other supermarkets.

My dissertation is going to be hard. Because my initial idea was denied because it was not photographic. It was depressing. How to formulate my idea from distinct aspect, that's the problem.

15 February, 2012


A stupid is still a stupid after his death.

Mark of my first essay was disappointing as well as my first photographic work. Namely, its assessment was less than I expected.
Normally, people think everything comparatively. When we know score of others, we compare them with ours. It may accelerate disappointment or would support our confidence.

Anyway, I feel inferiority a lot at the moment. So, I will pray for the God.

13 February, 2012

Perhaps it's temporal

Anti-mannaer has been denied.
Again, cancellation happened behind my back.

I went to a city, where a bit far from my living area. I paid expensive train fare, to watch a women's football match. But, there is nobody at the venue. I thought I made a mistake again, yet I have no device to check it. OK, I changed my idea and strolled the town.

Worthing, the name of the city. It was very small but quite organised and composed. Its terrain was flat to walk. And there are a lot of supermarkets for some reason. Near the station, I found a Polska food shop. I was not able to go Poland in last semester break so, my feeling was in Poland at that time.
Anyway, it was so enjoyable except for cancellation. An accidental discovery.

12 February, 2012

But it's fun

My laptop is not good for photographic edit but I'm still taking and modifying pictures. Because, it is what I want to do.

As you can see, there is five similar images on this article. I shot them almost same time in RAW file. After shooting, I developed them and uploaded here. They resemble each other however, they are a bit different. RAW file is quite flexible. It is possible to revise exposure or colour balance more than this.

This development is troublesome, time consuming and also tiresome but, this is one of interesting points of photography.

11 February, 2012

NOT suitable

My tiny laptop whose monitor size is 11.7 inc is completely not applicable for photographic work.
We've normally got two colour spaces. sRGB and Adobe RGB. Latter one is much comprehensive.

I noticed that this monitor can show very narrow spectrum of colours. Even it is not able to display sRGB colour which is a standard realm. Therefore, it's almost impossible to distinguish between sRGB images or Adobe RGB ones on my computer.

However, it is not pragmatic to go to the uni whenever I modify my images and do it different types of monitors.

10 February, 2012

a lot of things to do

In this semester, I have to tackle 3 different work.
a. Photo
b. Dissertation
c. Website

Literally it's going to be hectic.
I'm anxious about myself seriously and as a result, stressful already.

I want need shooting pictures.

06 February, 2012

To London after the snow

One day trip to London to see my friends and to buy a proper winter jacket.
As photographs show, it was hard to walk. Inside of shoes get wet, cold, slippy but, it was not  harsh more than I expected.

As regard to the jacket, it is nice on the other hand quite heavy. According to its specifications, it weighs about 1.8kg. Enough warm but, makes my shoulders stiff. I was able to buy it cheaper than its original price. However, I'm not sure whether worth buying this yet.

The worst thing today was train matter. I was forced to wait a long time whenever I change the train. Eventually, I came back the nearest station from my flat by final train.

05 February, 2012


Braking the rules causes good results and bad ones.
For example taking pictures under forbidden situation, of course this is the literally out of the rules but, consequently photographs are born as records. Viewers might enjoy seeing them.

Contrary to it, smoking cigarettes with out keeping the rules makes people irritated. Moreover, it will involve people troubles such as health and smells.

People who don't keep the rules have no rights to reside in a hall of residence. Despite, the outlaw people keep smoking by ignoring non-smoker's advice. Ridiculous.

By the way, it snowed properly for the first time in Brighton. I had jogging before the snow layered.

04 February, 2012

a time wasting week

This week was a semester break. No lectures, no seminars,  no practice. In a sense, time for actual break and preparation for the next semester.

In my case, I did nothing special because, I had not planed anything due to my first essay and photo work. I should have organised such as travelling but, I was not able to imagine what is going to happen to my things to do.

Therefore, I have been lazy for 5 days. Browsing Internet a lot, some jogging which is very good for me, learning history of Japan and the world in particular after the colonialism started which is extremely interesting.

As a result, the sore of my right foot sole has almost gone and my historical knowledge has multiplied. As to the history, this is quite significant and very good to know, I partly understood the reason Japan had war in the past. Not only this, the fact that European countries tried to dominate the other countries radically as well. A Japanese comic writer described history in his MANGA, and it is a bit biased but, basically he maintains all the incidents were caused by Anglo-Saxon's racism.

Consequently, it was good opportunity to get to know the part of the world history. And of course, I should deepen my viewpoint to it.

02 February, 2012


I was in a library and using a computer. Then I started seeing my picture from my storage and on Flickr, and noticed. Big monitors have advantages to display images obviously.

I have already knew it but, it was good opportunity to reconfirm the fact. When I look at my images with the big monitors, it is so easy to check focusing and noises of pictures. Eventually, some of the images disappoint me for former reasons.

Moreover, I wrote an article about D70s and D700 and their lenses before but, actually I appreciated quality of D700 and its lends is much better than the others.

Anyway, I'm always with my tiny monitor laptop and I have no choice but to keep using this. Therefore, I need not to suspect the quality of my present equipments on the other hand, I ought be cautious when I modify photos on my laptop.

Surely large monitors have merits. Yet their diverse colour is unreliable.