20 February, 2012

distinct views

I went to watch a women's football mach not for my shooting but for my pastime.
Just in case I brought my camera but CF card was missing, which means quite pointless.

However, girls made it. They won 4-2. Soon after kickoff, the opponent got goal so I was not able to imagine how the match would unfold. After a few minutes later, the girls avenged. The game became competitive since each team added a goal again.

At second half, it was almost one-side match. Girls attacked aggressively, the competitor seemed to be reluctant obviously.

What I recognised was the match looked quite different to when I used to see it through a view finder of my camera. In particular, colours. After shooting, whenever I develop my pictures I always mind their white balance regardless of actual colour. If I could see too much red, blue, yellow, green, I adjust in neutral colour. But actual colour was not neutral, it's up to light. Therefore, it was sometimes too much blue, occasionally too much yellow, whatever.

Anyway, it was quite enjoyable and fun. Love you, Seagulls.

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