02 February, 2012


I was in a library and using a computer. Then I started seeing my picture from my storage and on Flickr, and noticed. Big monitors have advantages to display images obviously.

I have already knew it but, it was good opportunity to reconfirm the fact. When I look at my images with the big monitors, it is so easy to check focusing and noises of pictures. Eventually, some of the images disappoint me for former reasons.

Moreover, I wrote an article about D70s and D700 and their lenses before but, actually I appreciated quality of D700 and its lends is much better than the others.

Anyway, I'm always with my tiny monitor laptop and I have no choice but to keep using this. Therefore, I need not to suspect the quality of my present equipments on the other hand, I ought be cautious when I modify photos on my laptop.

Surely large monitors have merits. Yet their diverse colour is unreliable.

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