04 February, 2012

a time wasting week

This week was a semester break. No lectures, no seminars,  no practice. In a sense, time for actual break and preparation for the next semester.

In my case, I did nothing special because, I had not planed anything due to my first essay and photo work. I should have organised such as travelling but, I was not able to imagine what is going to happen to my things to do.

Therefore, I have been lazy for 5 days. Browsing Internet a lot, some jogging which is very good for me, learning history of Japan and the world in particular after the colonialism started which is extremely interesting.

As a result, the sore of my right foot sole has almost gone and my historical knowledge has multiplied. As to the history, this is quite significant and very good to know, I partly understood the reason Japan had war in the past. Not only this, the fact that European countries tried to dominate the other countries radically as well. A Japanese comic writer described history in his MANGA, and it is a bit biased but, basically he maintains all the incidents were caused by Anglo-Saxon's racism.

Consequently, it was good opportunity to get to know the part of the world history. And of course, I should deepen my viewpoint to it.

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