06 February, 2012

To London after the snow

One day trip to London to see my friends and to buy a proper winter jacket.
As photographs show, it was hard to walk. Inside of shoes get wet, cold, slippy but, it was not  harsh more than I expected.

As regard to the jacket, it is nice on the other hand quite heavy. According to its specifications, it weighs about 1.8kg. Enough warm but, makes my shoulders stiff. I was able to buy it cheaper than its original price. However, I'm not sure whether worth buying this yet.

The worst thing today was train matter. I was forced to wait a long time whenever I change the train. Eventually, I came back the nearest station from my flat by final train.


  1. I suppose your jacket is definitely worth buying. now you can go anywhere to look for beautiful scenery! I like the quiet, calm atmosphere in photos above.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I believe so.
      Calm atmosphere, that's because there were not too many people everywhere after the snow.