20 January, 2012

My essay has been submitted

I've done with time consuming essay. It was my first experience to write an essay in English and also about photography. To be honest, it was hard for me. Reasons are following.

a. difficult environment
During Christmas break, I was busy. I had to change my room and also I needed time to get along with a new flatmate. Moreover, I was apt to be lazy since I had no lectures.

b. translation
A course mate advised me that I should write whole the essay in native language first, and should translate into English afterwords. But literally, it takes twice as long as writing in English directly.

c. wording and grammar
I know my weak point is grammar. In addition, due to my literal translation, sentences became lengthy. Words requirement(4,000 words) also contributes it. Consequently, it took time to finish proof reading by another course mate.

Anyway, it's done. I hope it doesn't fail.

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