06 January, 2012

I have expected too much

To print off pictures, I bought compatible ink cartridges and some photo paper at the end of last year. But, the cartridges are not suitable for my printer, namely I purchased wrong ones.

Then, I had returned them and again bought another type. The new cartridges arrived today.
As soon as I got them, I printed off a few pieces. However, the printer is absolutely crap. The quality is very convincing for its price £25. If I output again in top quality mode, the results might be different. Even though, I can imagine the poorness.

This printer consumes ink a lot, very fast. Therefore, usage of this is going to be exclusively documents printing. It's far to saving money.

And yeah, how should I treat with the lest of photo paper?

- revision -
The print results of Top quality mode was reasonable. Yes!!
But one particular defect, when the printer load a piece of photo paper into the head, its roll do harm on the surface of the paper. Unforgivable.

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