02 January, 2012

tin opener

This is Japanese style curry I cooked. Originally, some meats and onions should be in as ingredients. However, tested good. Before I made this, I had tried some Indian curries but, there were no convincing tinned sauces. Eventually, I found Japanese curry is the best choice for me.

By the way, as you can see, there are potatoes and carrots in the sauce. They are tinned vegetables in fact. So, ready to use. Tinned food is very convenient. Preservable and cheap.

But, I had to resolve a problem. The way to open the can. Of course I should use a can opener, I looked for it at the kitchen for a while. Despite, my flatmates haven't got it. Then, I bought it at a one pond shop. A few days later, I saw website of ASDA. They treat with some types of tin openers and have got 36 pence one as the cheapest.

ASDA, your price is destructive.

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