19 April, 2012

City of Pesaro

Pesaro was a small city to walk around. But very organised, calm, and peaceful city.
Centrare, which means city centre in italiano was classic and traditional. In a sense, typical European style. Roads are all stone pavement. Meanwhile, at the outside of city centre, the situation is completely different. Roads are broad as cars are parked both side. Houses are varied. At the coastal area, there a lot of hotels and cars as well. Of course, it was windy.

When I got on trains and buses, I noticed that probably not all the people pay for the tickets. Some people get on them for free of charge. It might be a special rule but, I guess they don't pay at all. And also, there were some people who require a little money on the street and trains. There were some African-Italian but Asians were rare.

Girls in Italia were much sophisticated than those of in the UK. They are fashionable and seemed to be sensible.

I ate a proper pasta at a pizzeria. I should have eaten a pizza but, even though in a pizzeria, the pasta I ordered was absolutely nice. Tomatoes were so juicy and basilico was fresh. Simple and not decorative. Its rich flavour was definitely different to pastas in Britain. I was impressed.

Above all, I think I must go to Italia again. Seeing, learning, feeling Italia. Obviously, I should learn again Italian language, which I used to study when I was a university student in Japan about 10yeas ago.

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