30 April, 2012

Anti-spots renovation

As I wrote about spots on my face several times this blog, my face has been spotty for approximately more than 2 month.

I have been suspecting and seeking its cause but it's still not clear.
Converted using margarine into batter on toasts, and reduced opportunities to eat pastas in order to have less fats. Yet, nothing obvious changes appear.
Again, tried to keep away from dried face with cream for skins but, spots appear repeatedly.

Now, finally I am dubious about my main diets i.e. breads and rice. I normally buy cheapest category white bread and long grain rice since they are much cheaper than Japanese ones. However, presumably there are some hidden reasons of the prices behind them such as additives or preservatives. And I assume this affects me.
As a first step, I bought proper brand breads which are wheatgerm included and brown rice.
Results might not turn over very quickly, so I have to explore for while with some expectations.

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