30 April, 2012

A big surprisng present

About a week ago, I got a parcel from a friend who is studying textile design in Glasgow. We knew at British Council, which is a the UK's non-profitable organisation (in fact, despite they are public organisation, they charge a lot of money us) to teach English and British culture all over the world and we used to learn English together to qualify university's linguistic standards in an examination called IELTS (which is a ridiculous and super expensive test). Successfully we started studying in the UK since last end of September and have been keeping in touch each other.

On the last Easter vacation, she went back to Japan and I was in the UK and Italia. One day, she sent an email to me and saying "I've got a souvenir to you so let me know your address." I was astonished. And then, I answered my address and awaited for a while.

Finally, a parcel arrived at my home, and I opened. Its contents are images above. Many Japanese food and  confectioneries as well. And a letter with them. It was an impressive and moving gift since I've never imagined that many. I really appreciate friendship between her and me. Hopefully, I give her something in return.


  1. Thanks for blogging about that :)
    I'm happy to read that! and my mom would be happy too(coz she suggested me what to send)haha
    By the way, your background photo is so cool! (stained glass?)

  2. That's my word really.
    I don't know about background image to be honest. I just chose from the templates as I was fascinated.