07 December, 2011

Momentary in London 3

London Victoria at 11AM. That's meeting time. I got a train for there in time. When I arrived at the London Victoria, nobody was there. Yes, I got lost.

I made a ring a lot for my tutor however, his phone is almost answer phone. Therefore wasting time and charge. About 30min ago, I got a ring from my tutor. He designated where I should go. In fact, communication on the phone is very difficult. I misunderstood I should go there at once.

After all, half passed 1PM we got together. There were 3people got lost also, not only me.

All the way I visited London, I did not take pictures at all. Rather, I was reluctant to do so.
Royal flag was waving at the top of the Buckingham Palace. Many people at the Trafalgar square.
The town around Victoria station is not too big.

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