02 December, 2011

Involved in a fu*k'n trouble

I went a bar with my mates and came across a man who is a university student located in next to the area I'm living.

We were playing pool in 4 people. Meanwhile, a macho man was watching our play.
Then, a few minutes later, he joined in. And after the games, he brought a problem about his car. According to his explanation, his car is captured by a mad and can't get out from it. Namely, he asked us to help with.

We walked more than 5 minutes in the dark and super muddy windy way. My new trainers completely got dirty.
His BMW 3series was completely slippy in the mad. We pushed the car but, ineffective. However, the man promised to treat us drinks in return. So, we get back to the bar however, the man run away somewhere. After that, we waited couple of minutes for him but eventually, he did not appeared.

We were clearly deceived. Fu*k'n hell!!!!!!

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