11 March, 2012


Recommended by my flatmate, I went to the coast. As it was sunny, a lot of people were there.
Drinking people, walking people, sitting people on the beach, quite various.

In particular, sporting people were notable for me. Such as beach volleyball, basketball, cycling, jogging, roller blades and more.

Watching beach volleyball was fun. I have already knew it's really hard to chase a ball by only two players so, it became double check for me.
As to basketball, not really. Because, the player's level was low. I was able to see many violations, for instance travelling, charging. Transition of every game was very quick and that was not shooting but throwing as a whole. One particular player usually showed tricky moves however, he often made turnovers, and his stamina is completely lacking. Even he boast his skills, they are basically futile since they not always bring points. In addition, his shooting skill was poor.  First of all, the basket coat was too small. Therefore people having matches tend to occupy all the coat, rest of players cannot play it enough, which is problematic. There were a lot of Chinese people. Presumably, influence by Yao Ming is huge.
What fascinating to me was roller blades because, I honestly wanted to try for a long time. The roller blades people were skating absolutely trickily. Amazing. But what I'd like to do is just skate long distance.

Anyway, there were so many communities at the coast, which are interesting. I've never imagined before as I was living far from here. It is clear that this was thanks to my flatmate's advice.

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