05 March, 2012

Moving out

This is the second time remove for me. But this time, I get out from hall of residence of university.
Two disappointing things.

a. Separation of team canteen
I was catered. So I was able to have breakfast and tea everyday on weekdays. The staffs of the canteen are so friendly and always smiley (basically). And their team leader is trusted by the other members although the leader is not from the UK.

b. Losing opportunities to watch Segulls training every week
Brighton and Hove albion women & girls have practice every Thursdays next to the hall of residence. Because of this my first photographic project became shooting them. Now that I am a big fun of them. Even after the project, I kept watching training and matches cheering them. From now on, I think would watch their matches only.

Anyway, I removed from ridiculous place to peaceful one. Then, what I have to do is concentrate my will on my course work.

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