16 March, 2012

a story that should have been narrated last year

It was tremendously memorable when I went to Montpelier to watch rhythmic gymnastics world championships because, I missed chance to see and talk Liubov directly.

Soon after I arrived at the venue, I sat on a seat and stared watching. A few minutes later, I was able to see Belarusian gymnasts coming and sitting seats near to me. I tried to talk to them however, competition had happened already then I refrained.

Eventually, this opportunity was the best. I should have spoken to them at that time! As usual, I awaited at the back door after the competition but, the members of team never appeared. Or I just couldn't meet them.

Fortunately, I came across a head coach of the team Belarus on a road at the day I have to leave Montpelier. Then I committed my souvenir to her.

A few months later, I heard from my family saying we got a post to you from a person whose name is obviously not a Japanese. Then I easily noticed the post is from Liubov. Since I presented my souvenir and some illustrations with my name card which includes my name, address, email, and phone number. And also a international competition was mean to take place in Tokyo after Montpelier. She sent the illustrations with her signature to my home in Japan. My family transferred them to me. One of the illustration is the image above. Actually, I gave the illustrations to her. But she probably recognised that I require her signature on them. So I was disappointed a bit. I really appreciated her generosity and her cherishing mind towards fans.

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