20 March, 2012

What have I been doing for a month?

Everything is not beautiful.

Haven't started second photographic project.
Still unclear how to write my dissertation.
Mostly, I neglect praying for the God in this case.

I have moved out from awful place.
Cooking is fun.
Very near to the campus.
But, rhythm is bad. Tend to stay up late, being lazy during a day. Can't concentrate on my work (Just like a judge image above).
I don't have any visible results in the last one month.

Eventually, a switch in my mind will not be turned on unless I get be impending.
But, this is the worst. Must change myself by all means to obtain a moment that I can reassure myself (just like gymnasts image above).


  1. Chin up! :) I always procrastinate things to do, and regret about it afterwards, but I believe that I can't get inspiration from hectic life! "KEEP CALM and CARRY ON" :) and the important thing is, there are many people who reassure you (not only yourself!), like the gymnasts have got many supporters out of the TV screen.

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      Yeah, I believe what you said which is absolutely significant to overcome any difficulties.

      When do you go back to Japan in this break then?

    2. Tomorrow!! I haven't packed anything yet though :p

  2. OH, good luck. Have a good flight and a holiday. Don't forget souvenir for me.

    1. Thanks, finally I came back home. yeah, probably I won't forget that ;) Hope you'll have good easter holiday.