30 March, 2012

Part of my practice

Since I haven't heard form a team which I am supposed to photograph, I went to a local gymnastics club and took loads of pictures.

Their venue is not huge rather, small. In particular its ceiling was quite low. I was not able to imagine they managed to perform in this. But they can perform in fact. Some gymnasts were likely to touch the ceiling on the other hand, they seemed to be accustomed.

Their performance was amazing. Literally spectacular. Jumping high, twists, turns, everything. The most surprising thing to me was that they looked very relaxed. Their character was generous to me. Therefore, I was able to shoot with a lot of fun.

My objective for this photo shooting is to get to know the conditions of taking images of indoor sports. Lighting, shutter speed, brightness, camera settings, etc. In respect to the conditions, auto focus mode and photometry. The gymnast's move is so quick. Then focus have to follow them and keep on focusing. It hugely depends on focus mode. Intelligent and persistent, accurate mode should be used. I took many out of focused images. In addition, photometry area is significant as well. The ceiling very low as a result, lights on it were close. In that case, camera understands here is quite bright however, it's completely opposite actually. I made a lot of exposure mistakes. I should have chosen central or spot.

In any case, shooting is essential to me.

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