11 May, 2012

Sort of talk show

As collateral practice, I and my course mates have joined in a kind of talk show. It might be right to say it speech. This is nothing to do with our marks therefore it was completely for our experiences.
Honestly, we participants thought that this was subtle burden because, currently we are very busy for dissertation, photographic project, making own website. However, almost we had no choice.

The talk's style is called "Pecha-Kucha", which means talkative in Japanese therefore speakers can talk casually, without any manuscripts ideally. Its contents are about our photography this time. In fact, most of course mates had own manuscripts and read them when they speech. Of course I was one of them. I really can't imagine without mine. But this is not proper "Pecha-Kucha" already.

My course mates were basically serious. They've introduced their bodies of work quite solemnly. Under massive nervousness, showing 20 slides 20 seconds each, that was what we had to do. So, the core was obvious.

But, I like to break a mould. I prepared my manuscript but I didn't practice reading it as I had no time to do this and also I knew it is just 6m40s, time terminates it automatically. Moreover, humor is one of essential elements to me. Too much seriousness makes audiences bored. Honestly, in my case I haven't got adequate bodies of work to show. Then I just introduced my images chronologically with some humor.

I have not imagined that my talk makes people laugh. But their reactions were truth.
20 seconds were very sort for me. In a sense, my manuscript was rubbish. I could have read more information.

Anyway, it's good experience and over!

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