17 May, 2012


It was one of pre-sales days of London 2012. Tickets for rhythmic gymnastics competition has been sold. I was keen to get at least one seat.
Its website was smooth and quick, therefore seemingly didn't seem to be crowded. But, it was not in reality.

I was believing that I could buy it easily. According to procedures, I tried to select the ticket and go check out however, the ticket I chose doesn't go to shopping cart. Eventually, the website was amazingly crowded. It was as same as ticketing on the phone. And then I repeated hundred and thousand times for approximately 2hours.  Unfortunately and gradually tickets of rhythmic gymnastics have been sold out. I was not reach to shopping cart at all.

Although the chance to purchase the tickets should happen again, it's not clear whether or not I successfully can get the tickets.

The ticketing website is saying that
"Applicants who were not allocated any tickets in the initial application phase (March - April 2011) and did not apply or were not allocated tickets in the second round of sales (June - July 2011). All eligible account holders will receive an email informing them of the next steps."

I did NOT apply any tickets at the particular phases. So, I am do qualify the criteria. BUT, I haven't got the email. In other word, am I not eligible?

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