20 May, 2012

I'm losing my way

No, not losing, trying to find out but time is seemingly inadequate.
I've never ever tackled writing about human's body. I've never ever talked about photography. Even in Japanese, but what I'm doing is in English obviously.

This is not very stressful but just unclear. Can't figure out proper direction I should go. And also it's difficult to pick up suitable references. But I have to go anyway.

Today, torch relay has started. Finally Olympics mood appeared.
And BBC news was saying that Emperor of Japan came to the UK to attend her Majesty's event. They and royal families from many countries had a lunch together. And then I watched the Emperor had a chat with a King from somewhere other countries. Surprisingly he was doing it standing and without any interpreters. Despite he had two big surgical operations, seemed to be fine. I should follow his toughness.

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