25 May, 2012

a sense of confident

 Today, I went to the university to my photos be printed.
And a staff who always prints digital based student's bodies of work off saw my photos and said that "Gymnastics!" And subsequently "Only you are doing sports photography. Interesting." I asked him "so nobody does sports photos?" He "That's what I'm saying!"

At the beginning of the course, I was said by my tutor that "if you want do commercial photo, then take your money back and do BA course." So I was imagining that some BA students are doing photograph from commercial aspect however it was not true eventually.

A few days ago, I asked a BA student what kind of photography BA cause does. And then her answer was simply "it's similar to MA", which means contemporary photography. And also the staff told me that most of the BA student taking fine art photographs. Therefore, my case is quite rare.

To me, regardless of its reputation, being rare or minor makes me motivated. Of course, it must not be literal conventional sports photography. It should have a story behind it and has to be artistic.

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