31 May, 2012

2 things have done

I've done with website making and taking photographs on my course this semester.
The rest of task is the dissertation which is the biggest one.
It is a bit ironic that the fact the largest thing is not picture making but writing in spite of my subject is Photography.

In any case, 2 of 3 have been finished. I was slightly assured. And then what I need to do is just keep patient and concentrate on what I should do.
By the way, I've been away from talking about my spotty face. In fact, it ameliorated temporally. Presumably, the cause was lack of eating meat. After starting cooking, I was eating carbohydrate (breads and rice) and vegetables centred. In addition, sometime pastas which are oily.

Having thought the spots are because of cheapest category food, in particular its additives, I quit eating them and changed to proper ones. I believe that it worked to some extent. But, it wasn't obvious. One day, I found 50% off offered bacon and bought it. Once I ate it, my facial skin got better gradually. Then I recognised and stopped avoiding meat for money matters.

But, there are a lot of scars on my face. Although Adele sings "scars are your love", it's not for me absolutely. Further, my face tends to be spotty again, perhaps because of fatigue or distress from the 3 tasks. What I really hate is that it takes for ages scars to be disappears, and they remain a little bit eventually.

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