18 December, 2012

Roma day 2

We came to Roma two days in a row to see the rest of sightseeing places.

In the morning, we visited the Colosseo which was constructed at the beginning of D.C era. And it has been a symbol of Roma. I have ever seen this in textbooks but, the Colosseo is literally huge. I still can't imagine how people built this. Super big. Surprisingly, it has spectator's seats of cause and also underground which is a standby floor for fighters and animals. Even those days, lifts were integrated into the floors. What a idea.
I had a bit of discussion with my friend about the means in which the Colosseo has been constructed. Although it's quite similar to that of Catholic, I suppose that because the empelors of Roman empire wanted boast and symbolise their mighty power by this massive facility. In addition, as they made people into a fight as a show, they used to have rights to rule and control everything. Otherwise who does order to built this sort of stuff? As the picture shows, the empire was that big, which seems to me difficult to govern. So, the Colosseo was quite effective.

Not only at Roma though, there are many poverty people on the street. From the Christian backup, they might be acceptable but I never let myself contributed to the donation. There should be a background that they have to do that but, I believe that is not one of the best options.

One of the most beautiful facilities for me was Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II which is a monument for the victims of WWII. This is in a way equivalent to Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. However at the night, it was so magnificent. I re-confirmed that style is different that much.

And as a very basic root, we went to Fontana di Trevi and Piazza di Spanga.
There were loads of travellers as well as San Pietro even at night. And as I heard many times about examples of theft, I did take care of my personal belongings not to be robbed. Actually it never happened to me and rather, I felt much safer than this kind of stories. People who have ever incurred robbery, might be absolutely naive.

At last, we got to the Piazza Navona. As the last image shows, there is a man raising his hand. This statue was made by Bernini. A story behind this work is that Bernini disliked a church in front of the statue, and he designed this statue in order to criticise the architecture of the church. The reason why the man holding up is Bernini wanted to imply a negative message that the church might fall down to the statue and the fountain. Genius!

It is quite interesting to see the hidden meanings of the art work. Even if it is not correct, it is worth thinking because some messages should be in these. Otherwise, these pieces of work must not remain for a long time.

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