17 December, 2012


I visited Roma for the first time ever with friends living in Roma who happened to see in London during the Olympic games. This is probably an unusual situation since this attribute to just one day in August.

We got a train in the morning from Velletri. The train passes just one line which means trains can't go up and come down at the same time and takes time about an hour.
Roma has lots of things to see. Very historical city not to mention. I was thinking that I shouldn't miss Vatican and Colosseo and any other famous sightseeing spots because there are no reasons to ignore these places in order to get to know what the city is. From the second time, I can look around much deeply.

And then first of all, we dropped by a bar and have a quick breakfast. I had some cornetto and a cuppcino, which is a genuine Italian style. The cornetto is sweet enough and the cuppcino is so brilliant. Incidentally, I had these combi number of times during my staying in Italy after this.

We went to the Basilica di San Pietro and Museo Vaticani. There were loads of tourists including us but the buildings and the museum were extremely magnificent. Photographing was not really prohibited therefore I took some pics apart from Cappella Sitina. In fact, inside of the Capella Sistina was so dark to look at and of course photographing. However, some sneaky people were taking picture of the inside with iPhone or stuff like that.
Basilica di San Pietro is a substantially large church and its palazzo as well. I couldn't help feeling big big authority of the Roman Catholic. Because it can accommodate hundred and thousand of people at once and it has super high ceiling, large numbers of statues, paintings, and of cause pious people of Christianity. The museum have tones of famous collections and honestly these made us exhausted. But I quite like to see traditional religious paintings so, for me it was very enjoyable.

What I overwhelmed was the numbers of things which relate to Christianity. As I mentioned earlier, there are countless of paintings, statues, and anything. And also they have got music and songs as well in order to honor the God. This facts connote that the Roman Catholic has been retaining their authority from long long time ago and still influencing people. Otherwise these art work should have not been appeared in this world.

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