19 December, 2012

Global is tons of locals

"There are nothing special in Lariano." The family explained me about the city where they living. But, as a photographer and as a visitor, I had no choice to look around the city because this is the place where a gymnast and an Olympian is from. It is quite important to see how the town is, and if the city really boring or not. I believe that every city has got some features definitely and this idea let me go.

Certainly as they have said, there are no entertaining things at Lariano. This is a so to speak rural living area even though the town is in Roma district. Therefore no sightseeing sports, no shopping centres, no places to play. However, while I was walking around the city, I could see lots of interesting stuff there which cannot be seen in Japan. For example, wild dogs which are pretty horrible because they bark and follow me and actually they are likely to bite me. A funny thing was that a sign saying "Torno subito" which never happens in Japan. And some old houses which are very unusual to look at.

Traveling is not only to visit famous spots. Rather, is to get to know what kind of the city is and how people live there. Possibly, have some conversation with local people (accidentally I did) and feel locality. This is what traveling all about.


  1. Nice photos!
    What does 'Torno subito' mean??
    The sixth photo from the top is interesting to me.. it looks like a Japanese house.
    I thought your curious eyes made you to find the rural city worthy to visit :)

  2. Thank you very much, Asami.
    It says "I'll be back soon." This is actually a store. So nobody should be in there.

    Yes indeed. That's why I have taken. As you've read, this is suburban area, and then there are many houses with large spaces. And the houses are basically surrounded by fences like the Japanese style and alto there are gates as well. These housing cannot be seen in big cities I reckon.


  3. Hi, I'm back from KOBE for my job interview. Went there by mid-night bus the day before yesterday and came back by the bus this morning. It was very tough.
    No, "Toruno subito" never happens in Japan.