24 December, 2012


Venezia should be one of the best remarkable sightseeing places in Italy. There are hundred of passages and it looks like a maze. And the paths are very narrow to walk around, and then consequently it seems so packed by people. Certainly Venezia is a popular place to visit but in reality, the numbers of people might not that many.

As I heard that the accommodation costs are absolutely expensive at the Venezia Island and then decided to stay at Venezia Mestre. This area is just one stop from Venezia Island by trains and you can get on these quite cheap fare. Therefore you should take this way if you would like to save your money.

At Venezia Mestre, I stayed at a B&B which a Polish lady running. And then there are a Chinese food shop and hair salon and literally Chinese people. Also, as a picture above shows, mid-East men as well. Although I'm not sure why, this place is quite international. In addition, there are nothing to look at Mestre in particular. There is a supermarket very near to the B&B and I bought a quick dinner and some beer.

Next day, I finally got to the Venezia Island. Any maps are unpractical here because the city is much more complicated than I imagine. This particular zone is for walking and enjoying this apart from some evens like the Masquerade. Just walking, walking, and walking, which is good to my travelling and photographing style.

And then I found some things at Venezia as follows.

One is that I found was that it smelled badly from the canals. I'm not sure what it is but it is clearly unsanitary and sewage scent. And smell of the sea makes it worse. So I was feeling bad when I was walking around. Be careful.

Two is that Tiramisu tasted gelato is really awful. I dropped by a famous gelato shop here in Venezia and tried it. I know generally Italian gelatos are really good. However, this one was eventually an exception. Tiramisu is another famous Italian dessert and then the gelato was a sort of mixture. In one word, "disgusting". You should eat them separately always and then when you eat gelato, you had better to choose simple ones for instance vanilla or chocolate or stuff like that.

Three is that prices are super expensive in Venezia Island. When I had a dinner here, I ordered spaghetti vongole  and a decanter of white wine, which cost 17.27euros. This is a sightseeing spot and I appreciate that but too expensive. You can eat a proper dinner in Tokyo within this price.

Four is that landscapes are all the same (basically). As you already have seen these images, the representation of the pictures tend to be the same situation. It is partly due to my lens and way to photograph but the structure of the city and streets are already completed. You can take a look at more images at my flickr and find the similarity. Honestly, I was getting bored to see.

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