25 December, 2012

more Venezia

Next day I went to the Venezia Island again and found that I was lucky yesterday because the weather was literally foggy.

Obviously the condition is quite bad. You can't look ahead. Moreover it was so cold to wander. And then decided to drop by a museum which is an expensive choice. But my idea is "don't regret without doing it".
In a sense, this whole trip is based on visiting museums. Roma, Firenze, and here Venezia. I had already knew there also are loads of similar paintings, sculptures, and anything else related to Christianity before I entered. But somehow I am always fascinated by these. Probably that's because I am slightly pious.
The contents of the museum was almost as well as I imagined. It seemed a bit old. Although the ticket was much costly than the price of my guidebook, I believe this was worth seeing. It gives me an opportunity to think about why these paintings were drawn and the meanings inside.

Meanwhile, I was still straying into the maze and looking at/photographing passages. If you walk throughout this island, it takes quite long time really. The size itself is perhaps not big but the structure is intricate and then tiresome.
My conclusion about Venezia is that the city is lovely but it's enough for me to visit here once. Because of the bad smell from the canals and the pretty much the same landscapes everywhere.

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