26 December, 2012

To rainy Milano

My trip goes on to Milano. Generally, most of the people I met advised me that there are very few things to look at in this city. And then what they say is almost true unfortunately because Milano seems to be one of big cities. Therefore its structure is not quite traditional as I've seen in this travel like Roma or Firenze.

Actually, it was raining all the three days I stayed here. Of curse it was raining when I arrived at the central station of Milano, when I was reaching to a hostel I booked, and so on literally every time.
The hostel I stayed was not really good, too bad if anything. Because somehow it smelled mouldy when I came in the room and hotel staffs are Chinese. Even a staff firstly spoke to me in Chinese. But this hostel was the cheapest one so it cannot be helped. The day I arrived at Milano was Sunday which means that shops are closed basically. When I was walking around the hostel in the rain, I found a sort of market on the street instead. But there were doughnuts or something sold which I was not very much keen. And I kept wandering and found a pharmacy opened, and bought some food. Although a baguette I got was probably supposed to be baked, I had no such a device and then I have eaten this along with mozzarella cheese and this panino tasted disgusting particularly the baguette.

There were some roommates in the room. One was perhaps an Italian man and then the other was a lady. This Italian man was sort of weird. He seemed quite interested in me because I am an Asian. And then he spoke to me in Italian and I responded awkwardly. I tried to introduce myself in Italian as he asked me but it was still too difficult for me to do at this point. On the day I arrived, I had nothing to do literally so went to bed quickly.

Next day, I walked around the city in the rain and got to the Duomo. This was absolutely magnificent and reminds me the Firenze one. In terms of its size, Duomo of Milano is much bigger. As well as Firenze, the Duomo of Milano is a kind of central building in the city. There is a large space in front of this and there are many people walking and many shops along with the road to the Duomo.
Inside of the Duomo was exquisite as well. An amazing fact was that the ceiling was so high and at the same time stained glasses are vertically long. Many religious paintings are on the wall and loads of people praying for the God, which is good. You should go there and feel the scale.
Quite near to the Duomo, there are big arcades and I was walk around it without an umbrella but that's it.
As it was always raining and it was so cold outside, I was reluctant to walk and decided to go to a department store. According to my guidebook, it has well designed things at the top floor and then I had a look at it. This floor was quite nice to see. Stationary, dishes, vases, cups, coffee things, gadgets and stuff like that. It was adequate for me to think about some gifts for gymnasts.
Yet it was raining and I went back to the hostel to happened to see a Japanese travellers.

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