27 December, 2012

Still rainy Milano

The rain goes on ridiculously. On the other hand I have come across two Japanese travellers. One is a girl who finished study in London. And the other is a man who has been looking around the world in order to realise round the world trip. And then we had a quick feast.

I love Peroni all the time. Nastro Azurro is a derived brand of Peroni but I prefre original one. Not to mention I have chosen this time as well. And also didn't forget buying mozzarella cheese because obviously these are much much cheaper than Japan. And also I have bought some more snacks, bread, pizzas, and fruit.
The girl is travelling around Europe after her course. She is probably a rich girl thanks to her family but her tripping style sounds quite hard. When she move around she often gets on mid-night trains in order to save time (not money). According to her, moving around from a place to a place is time consuming and I agree with this. Meanwhile this is very dangerous and actually she told us some dodgy stories such as thefts. In reality, this way is tiresome as well. Although it could be a occasional option, it should be absolutely tough.
The man as well. He is so good at collecting information about world trip from his peers who are also visiting many countries. And this quick party was his suggestion. My impression about him was that his temperament. As I mentioned he is very good at grab people's heart (even if only Japanese's). Therefore for me it was quite easy to talk, socialise with him. However he was saying that he cannot speak English enough, and that's why he always tries to approach Japanese people. This is a safe way to maintain yourself and your travel but if you keep doing this, it might be pointless. This is the exactly the same situation with native English speakers groped. Anyway I had a good night with them chatting a lot.

Next day, I went to see a master piece called "L'ultima cena" the last supper.

The famous painting is located in a small church in the city of Mlaino. Actually it was raining still.
Before coming here you have to book a post on-line in order to look at this particular painting. Even if you come here suddenly, you cannot enter here at all.
The conditions are as follows. Photographing is strictly banned, time limit is just 15 min, it costs 8 euros, 25 people at once.
The painting was absolutely stunning. No words to say. The real one is the best. Just magnificent. Apart from these conditions.

The "U'lutima cena" is a highlight of Mlano definitely. While elsewhere, it's difficult to judge.

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