28 December, 2012

Torino, where I wanted to come

Having said good-bye to Milano, I have arrived at Trino, where an Olympic Games has taken place in 2006. And I've been longing for coming here since then.

The day I have arrived, it was still still raining in Torino. The hotel I have stayed was located a bit far from the Torino station and no choice getting on a bus.
I didn't know the way to buy tickets for the bus but got on firstly and asked a person near by. And then his answer was "Don't care". After a while the bus stopped at a bus stop I was supposed to get off and I left there. Eventually I have got on the bus free of charge. In reality, you have to purchase tickets at corner shops or cigarette ones. I was lucky.

Despite I have achieved the bus stop, I couldn't find a B&B I have booked. 38 is the number, and I already noticed the street of the hotel. But the hotel was missing. I wandered and walked a lot around the street with my suit case which was heavy to carry and also quite destructive.
Finally I asked people walking on the street to find the hotel at the opposite of the street I was on. Literally wasting of the time.
After this I was so tired and of course it was still raining outside so, I have a rest. The owner of this B&B was kind to me. She seemed to be accustomed to having travellers and luckily she speaks English very well. And the bed of my room was gorgeous which was so cosy.

Even if it was raining,  you have to get hungry all the time. So I decided to go out in order to have a dinner. Again I strayed into the street for a while, I found an Italian food take-away shop. It provides reasonable meals in the variety of food. And I happened to see a girl who studies Japanese literature at the Torino University. Literally she looked absolutely interested in me and I was keen for her interest. She seemed quite shy because she didn't try to speak Japanese phrases despite she knew some of these. And she was not really good at English therefore I tried speak in Italian as much as I could. We both got a good impression each other and then I promised her to come again this shop.

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