29 December, 2012

Girls in Torino

At the takeaway shop, I came across an Italian girl who is studying Japanese literature as I already mentioned in the last article. She is so cute.
According to her, her lecturer is a Japanese professor and she has ever read Haruki Murakami's novels. And at this point, I have declared my sir name and showed her my passport in order to proof it. She was literally fascinated by this.
I was not able to understand what she said at that time but she was saying that she had a plan to visit Kyoto to study at a Japanese university, in other words it could be a short term study abroad for her. As I had a schedule, I have left the shop after passing her my sort of business card so that we can get in touch.

After this, I was supposed to meet a girl who I met at the University Brighton when I was living at the fucking accommodation. Actually I happened to meet her before my course started, namely at the orientation programme for international students. As I have already and slightly knew Italian language, I could get to know her. And we remembered each other since she was a resident of the fucking accommodation as well.
All the way I have come to Italy and have stayed for about a month, I've got in touch with her on facebook to get together finally in Italy, where her hometown.

She was absolutely fine as she used to be. Her voice was quite small as usual but it really didn't matter because we were in Triono and had a very nice opportunity to talk deeply.
She has taken me to a sort of shopping centre and we have arrived at a casual restaurant called "Eataly" which was her recommendation. This locates a bit far from the central station therefore we got on the tube of Trino. This train was constructed before the Olympic Winter Games 2006 so relatively new infrastructure. Actually, I was surprised at seeing this tube inside because as the picture above shows, there are no drives on the train. This is unbelievable. If there is a driver's room at the front of the train, this photo never happens. As you could imagine, this particular tube is sort of semi-automatic. The in side is quite clean and comfortable. It was a good experience.

And we had a dinner at the Eataly. I have ordered a pizza Margarita but its taste was normal to be honest. But chatting with her compensated for it. Although I cannot clearly remember what we talked with, about Trino, Italian families, when we were in Brighton, what she is doing, and so on.

We have left the Eataly and then went to another place to see her friend. And I have experienced a sort of night life in Italy. Cornetto is a croissant in Italian and they eat these at night with some decorated tastes for example chocolate or vanilla and whatever. And then I tried cornetto with Kinder Bueno since I have never ever tried this famous chocolate during staying here. This one can be bought even in Japan which means that it's is not quite unique. However, my expectation was too much. It didn't work honestly. But it was still a brilliant day to reunite and enjoy.

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