23 December, 2012

Pisa and a friend

I still had some extra time and then decided to visit a friend who loves rhythmic gymnastics, actually I happened to know her when I went to Montpellier to watch World Chiampionships 2011 and also World Cup Pesaro 2012.


When I arrived at the station, she phoned me and talked with her in Italian starting with "Pronto?", she was laughing. I was totally Italianised at that time, which was good. Anyway, we have reunited at Pisa. Weather was fine, and the place as well.

In reality, Pisa is one of typical sightseeing sports in Italy as the tower is too famous. Some roommates who were staying together at Firenze, saying that "you can look around Pisa just one day, there is a famous tower and that's it." Certainly, it is in a way true because I could see loads of Chinese, Japanese, and any other tourists. But I felt quite comfortable being there.

Firstly, the leaning tower of Pisa is much leaned than I imagine. It is literally slanted as the pictures above show. I heard that the tower used to be about to fall down on the ground and then it was enforced by donation or something. And at the moment its fall-down is never supposed to happen. Still looks likely to occur though.

Secondly, as well as other cities, Pisa has religious places and we went to some of these. One certain characteristic in this place is the absolutely big tomb. Camposanto Monumentale is the name. There are numbers of graves of ancient people buried into the ground and covered by the floor which is sculptured with names. The numbers are so many that I cannot help stepping on. Again, very large space, so silent, and sacred atmosphere.

Thirdly, because of the lovely friend Anita. She was a student of a university around Pisa and she came here after finishing her stuff. As I explained at the beginning of this article, we have already met twice in the past but haven't talked with enough which was a shame. In fact, during every competition, enthusiastic spectators are basically busy since you've got lots of things to do. Photo, video, applauding, shouting,  getting autographs if it's possible, and normally competitions continues late at night therefore just get back to sleep at hotels after finish. Consequently, no time to chat so finally I made a really nice opportunity here in Pisa.

According to her, when she has seen me for the first time in Montpellier, she thought that I was a Beralusian because I was with my Berarusian flag. And I thought that she was a French since she spoke to me in French when we stare at each other. Now we know who we are but our first impression was terribly misunderstanding. And then we talked about photographing, filming, rhythmic gymnastics, our backgrounds and so on I cannot remember clearly. It was very cosy anyway. And we went to a restaurant and a gelato shop to feel Italy.

This was a quite short day. Fun time goes away quickly all the time. We promised seeing at Desio a few weeks later.

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