22 December, 2012

Second half of Firenze

I have returned to Firenze after visiting Perugia because I had some extra time and in order to save money realistically.

Firenze is never boring. Lots of things to see and very satisfying (museums are expensive though). You can walk around the city literally as long as you want to. And I'm sure you can see local people's life here.
This time, I stayed at a hostel which is quite cheap. But it serves absolutely reasonably. For instance, free breakfasts, dinners, drinking water, of course Internet wifi connected. Although the taste of the food are not really good, it is still much better than nothing.
My room was for 6, which is not too much packed with a combined bathroom. Even if the bathroom is occupied by someone, you can use another shower room outside of the room in stead. Actually, this one is much bigger than that of in the room.

In this hostel, I have met a Japanese for the first time in this travel. He is a nice young man finishing his master's degrees in Japan, and before graduating and starting his job he is travelling the world. He is a big fan of motorcycles and he showed me some pictures of an international motorcycle show. According to him, the world of the motorcycles is not very big unlike cars. He was quite excited about what he has seen there. He was proud of his images of new models from catting edge and famous riders. I do appreciate this sort of relatively minor world as my interest is so small as well.
Meanwhile, we had some chat about Japan. Particularly I was interested in the circumstances of Japan and its peripheral countries when I was away from Japan. What he was saying was that the relationship amongst Japan, Korea and China have been really tensed and Japan was likely to get into war against these nations. I appreciate 50% of his description however, I don't believe that Japan wishes warfare because in the national constitution, Japan declared that the nation has dumped any sort of wars. This is a promise between the nation and its citizens. He emphasised the word "war" and warned this crisis anyway. I know what he means but it seemed to me too much to be honest. Perhaps he doesn't know in detail about these since his degree is science or something.

Furthermore, a roommate from the US was interested in Japanese language. He was questioning me the structures of the language.
He understood what HIRAGANA and KATAKANA are easily and also I explained him about KANJI which has meanings inside as well. And then his question was "why you don't write everything in KANJI, if each KANJI has meaning, you don't have to write HIRAGANA and KATAKANA". I was confused because this is so difficult to lecture. I have explained more about the relationship KANJI and HIRAGANA to him but he was not clear about it.
I thought I should have described with the word "私(=first person)". When you add some HIRAGANA to "私" its meaning changes "I" or "my" or "me". Therefore if you write just "私" without HIRAGANA, you can't distinguish this means "I" or "my" or "me".
I'll go with this way next time if I am asked by someone who is interested in Japanese!

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