21 December, 2012

Super windy Perugia

Perugia, where is at the central Italy was extremely cold for me since it was literary always windy. And also, its city centre is on the mountain. The hotel I stayed is located at the bottom of the mountain therefore it was substantially inaccessible place it really was. Incidentally, Perugia is famous for producing chocolate.

As you can see, the terrain of Perugia is insane. Composed of lots of slopes and steps so it might be said that this is a layered city. I was forced to climb from the bottom to the top.
Perhaps because of the altitude, temperature itself was lower than Firenze and this reminds me my life in the UK, I mean windy and cold condition. And there were few Asians obviously. Despite this, I happened to meet a Japanese lady who studies cooking here in Perugia.

When I was taking pictures in the evening, she spoke to me "Di dove sei?" (Where are you from?) and then I responded "Sono di giappone" (I'm from Japan). And she started to talk with me in Japanese and took me to some shops in order to buy some food since I had no idea where to go. She was really kind to me. Presumably, as I mentioned earlier this is because Japanese are absolutely rare here in Perugia. And also she was saying that she was suffering from communicating with her course mates due to her linguistic difficulties. According to her, she commenced learning Italian language after coming to Italy which means that she never ever studied before in Japan. Furthermore she cannot speak even English!! I slightly remember her course is for 1 or 2 years (not sure) and she has got her visa for this. This sounds quite difficult to complete but I can see her resolution and I know this is still worth trying because your life is just for one time. Once you miss a certain opportunity to do something you really want to work on, you might not able to get another chance. So I do support her challenge in Italy. More than that, Italian cuisine is good to learn as it is my favourite.

And what I have to mention is that when it comes to the city Perugia, Japanese people cannot help saying one particular name, yes, Hidetoshi Nakata. Hidetoshi Nakata is a former football player. He used to be in the National team and has played at the world cup 1998 France, 2002 Korea Japan, and 2006 Germany three times in a row. And then retired his career soon after the 2006 Germany as the team could not be qualified to the tournaments.
Some players from Japan used to play football in European leagues before Nakata tried but he has been recognised as a pioneer over the last 10-15 years (since the national football team of Japan went to the World Cup Soccer for the first time 1998 France). Thanks to his success, many Japanese footballers can follow his way at the moment. In a sense, he is a legend indeed.
What I thought when I visited the city Perugia, I appreciate what he has decided. Although of course he made massive success in his specialty which is football, he must have spent his time in this city which has windy condition, steep slopes, plus relatively unfriendly citizens compared with Roma or Firenze which are famous sightseeing places. The local people should have been less friendly in those days because Nakata broke-through his way by playing football and communicate with people here. And then the natives gradually came to recognise the presence of Japanese. This should be his feat since there was no relation between the city and Nakata as a Japanese. Playing sports abroad must not easy. Cities are not necessarily big and enjoyable, which might be good players to concentrate on playing their sports. However, elsewhere, they have to adjust themselves to live in the local cultures including people, food, language and so on.

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